Sunday, February 24, 2013

2/24/2013 Rocky Bayou SP

Rocky Bayou State Park

Sandy Pine trail.
    I took a walk this morning for about a mile on Sandy Pine trail.  This trail starts at the campground and curves around a reclaimed creek bed. The terrian is up and down as the trail winds around. The footing is good but you do have to keep your eyes on the trail so you don't trip on the tree roots.

 Creek along the trail
 Deer Moss
 Roots along the trail, would be difficult to ride bike here
 After about a mile in I got a call from Nancy to see if I wanted to go to lunch with them to a Logans steak house in Fort Walton Beach. Naturally I agreed right away but told them I would need a little while to get back to the campground. Pictures to follow.
Marker along the trail
 There serious about this!!
Camping spot is a little out of level, glad I had the Levelers

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun, looking forward to seeing pics of Rocky Bayou.
    Love you!
    Shelly & gang : )