Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9-17-2014 Cheyenne Wy.

      I left Yellowstone at 6 amp on Wednesday and traveled to Cheyenne Wy via I-90 to I-29 with a tail wind on I 90. I saw quite a lot of animals as I journeyed, including bison, antelope, mule deer, elk, cows, sheep, horses, and birds. Most wild animals were along the road from Yellowstone to I-90 in Livingston, Montana. The area north of Cheyenne is prairie with lots of grasses but were dried up and not pretty. Cattle and sheep were in evidence with water being pumped to tanks for there use. I didn't take many pictures of this uneventful trip.
       I stayed in a campground in Cheyenne called AB camping, and enjoyed great services with Internet and electric provided. The campground has a BBQ everyday. I enjoyed a pork sandwich with potato salad and baked beans.
      The highlight for this trip was taking the historic trolley downtown and learning of some of Cheyenne history. Cheyenne is a railroad town being formed as part of the continental railroad.  The state capitol building is quite impressive. I learned about early cattle barons and Tom Horn who was hung for shooting a boy. This is a interesting story and I left unsure of his guilt. The guide said two attorneys are pursuing clearing his name even today. Cheyenne holds a 10 day frontier day festival that has an influx of 250,000 people into the city. This is a major rodeo event and is very popular.

Pictures of Cheyenne
 Sunrise on I 90 Montana
 Boot Statues by train depot museum

 Train depot 

 Cheyenne Trolley
 Hats at the Wrangler store

 Wyoming State capitol, Blue ribbon is for mens cancer.
 Esther Morris women's right to vote.
Bronze statue at state capitol

Thursday, September 18, 2014

9-16-2014 Yellowstone

More pictures from Yellowstone

 I have lots of Bison pictures!!!
 One of may beautiful vistas.

Yellowstone river before fishing bridge
Fishing bridge that they don't allow fishing from.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
See the cars on the opposite rim

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9-15-2014 Yellowstone

      This is  a place everyone should see. The vistas from the mountains have been breathtaking, I just drive around and stop and look at different views. I went fishing yesterday with my fly rod in the Gardner River. I drove down to the Yellowstone and Larmar rivers at Tower junction and thought about walking down to the river but as it was getting late. I wasn't sure I could climb back up before dark and I didn't want to be out there by myself after sunset.

 Gibbon falls
 In my campground I think he was thirsty!

Tower falls

Sunday, September 14, 2014

9-13-2014 Livingston Mt

     I traveled from Devils Tower Wyo to Livingston Mt about 500 miles and stopped at the Little Bighorn site. This was Custer's last stand and there is a burial ground on the site. A few years after the battle excavations were done and the bones were removed to a common grave and a obelisk was erected with the names of all the soldiers. There were 293 soldiers killed in this battle if I remember right.

Livingston is about 50 miles north of Yellowstone national park and I will travel there this morning. I hope I can find a camping spot for the next three days. Internet service is quite lacking and I may not be able to post for the next few days.

Until next time I will be............. Driving Ms Daisy

Saturday, September 13, 2014

9 -12 2014 Devils Tower

      Arrived at Devils Tower about 2pm and unhooked the HHR from Daisy. I left Daisy setting in a trailer parking area below the Visitors area. I then took the HHR the two miles up the road to the visitors area and took lots of pictures. I spent about an hour looking over several things including the Tower of rock. Upon reading some text at the visitors center I found the tower was made when magma was forced up through sandstone by an underground source. The sandstone eroded over time and left this wondrous structure for all to see.

 I counted 28 groups of Antelopes in the last 100 miles, I also saw several groups of Mule Deer.
View of the Bighorn Mountains.

      I have a golden age pass so entrance to all national parks is free. The campground fee is normally $12.00 but is half price with the old age pass. I spent the night at Devils Tower campground without electrical hookup but Daisy is capable of staying several days without hook-ups. The temperature was 35 degrees this morning with frost over the area. There were several tent campers in the campground and I remembered when Sherry and I stayed in a tent and it got quite cold at night.
       I am currently writing this from a rest stop in Sheridan WY., and have a limited Internet connection so I won't be adding any pictures here. When I get a better Internet connection I will add some pictures. ( Hey I got one)
      I have traveled about 170 miles this morning and this includes several areas of changes in elevation. I saw a low of about 3200 ft to a high of 4800 ft. I am not in the mountains and Daisy is performing quite nicely.

    That all for now until next time I will be ...........Driving Ms Daisy.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9-11-2014 Black Hills SD

        I haven't had Internet service for several days and have been anxious to share all the things I have seen. I arrived at Custer State park on Monday and then took the car and traveled across the Iron Mountain road to see Mount Rushmore. It is hard to believe that this art was created using drilling and dynamite. This is a great memorial for the country and acknowledgement of four great men.

One 4 tunnels on Iron Mountain road. This one has a view of Mt Rushmore monument as you drive through.
 Black Hills

Tuesday I took the Wild life loop road and saw many animals. I kept wondering if I would see any Bison.

He was about three feet from the car. I could have reached out the window and touched some Buffalo.

      I also visited Crazy Horse memorial and was impressed with the art and the size of this statue. The memorial is for all the tribes and is self funded it has a visitors area and gift shop. There is also a school for Indians located here. It is quite a complex and is the life's work of the sculptor and his family.
When finished the statue will have Crazy Horse sitting on his horse. The horses head is 219 feet high. To give an understanding to the size of the memorial the presidents heads on Mt Rushmore are 80 ft high.

There are men working on the arm as you can see in the above picture. The horses head is outlined on the side of the mountain.

       Wednesday I went to Wind Cave National park and toured the entrance area of the cave. This tour was about 1/2 mile long and we decended to about 220 feet. 

    The hole below the Rangers feet is the original entrance to the cave. The visitor would have to be skinny.

 This formation is called Box works.

 These pictures are from the town of Custer SD

Five inches of snow in Custer State park this morning.