Thursday, February 14, 2013

2 13 2013 Milton Fl add

Good Morning

      Another rain day but I ventured out to get a haircut. I was going to a hair salon I passed at the corner of 90 and Hwy 87 but as I was driving south I saw a sign for a barber shop and decided to give him a try.
Picture of sign for barber shop.

After getting my ears showing again I went to a drive along the river and took in some views. Since it was still raining I spent most of the time in the vehicle.  But did capture some pictures shown below

   I had a Churches Chicken lunch and then went back to the RV and caught up on some reading.

     Saturday morning will be rolling day for Ms Daisy and we will be heading towards Foley AL and brother Jon's house. Then I will be Driving MS Daisy.


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