Thursday, February 21, 2013

2 20 2103 Gulf Shores State Park

    Gulf State park Alabama

   Last day at this state park. I was up early and took a quick bike ride then removed the bike rack from the HHR and stowed it under the RV because I didn't want to haul it around.
     I drove to Daphne Al and looked around this area to see changes since I lived there in 2000. Lots of building on the interstate.

Front Entrance at Bass Pro Shop

With a two new malls one of these is a  Bass Pro shop before I went to the Bass Pro shop I drove down to Fairhope to look up the restaurant where I planned to lunch. I found the restaurant and then had a coffee at Latte Da and listened to the locals discussing the woes of the world. Obama care seems to be on the top of the agenda and not much approval here.

    Fairhope is a beautiful town but has way to much traffic for the small streets. It has always been quaint since I first visited here back in the eighties. 

They decorate the streets with lots of flowers and really keep the area clean. They also mark car tires and enforce the two hour parking limit relentlessly.
     I mentioned I has lunch in Fairhope at Panini Petes this was visited by Diners Drive-ins and Dives and the food was delicious.
     I had the Black and Blue burger it was made with chopped Sirlion and had Gorgonzola cheese topping.


This wrought iron enclosure was wrapped in glass and is used as additional serving space for the restaurant

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