Monday, January 27, 2014

Rockport, Goose Island, Red Head Express

     Went to the Big Tree at Goose Island State Park and then drove around Lamar Texas. I saw 5 Whooping Cranes as I drove along the bay. I wasn't able to get a picture as they were to far away. I also forgot to put the binoculars in the car so I couldn't get as good as view as I wanted.  The Big Tree is a 1000 year old Live Oak and has a diameter of 11 feet and a circumference of  35 feet. The branches are so heavy they had to be supported. When this  tree was 900 years old the CCC Civil Conservation Corp installed the first fence around the base to protect it from vandals. I think this was in 1933 or there about. 

 This is a baby tree in the same area as the big tree.

This evening I went to hear these young ladies sing. They are the RED HEAD EXPRESS and they did a great job entertaining all of us. This is their last tour of southern Texas,  and Lagoons RV resort was their last performance of this tour. The have moved to Nashville Tn and are hoping to make it big time. They have the same producer that launched the Dixie Chicks and several other bands. I wish them the best. This is a link to their facebook page   


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rockport , Red Snapper for supper!

Rockport Texas 74 degrees 54 low

Went for my normal drive along Rockport beach and have some new pictures to share.

Next I went the Rockport Art Museum

Finally for supper I fixed Red Snapper on the grill with Lemon Pepper and butter.  The rest of the meal is cornbread stuffing and jalapeno garnish. 

I had planned on a Marie Calenders pot pie but this sounded better so while I was out to the park I stopped by the seafood place and picked up the snapper.

I wonder what tomorrow adventure will lead me to find.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rockport is a little warmer

   High today about 60 degrees with sunny skies and little wind. I was out and about today with a trip around the Rockport beach park. These kids were playing baseball, I still needed my coat but you know how kids are with weather.
  I stopped by the Marina and looked at the boats, not much activity today still too cool for this activity.
I saw these birds as I drove along the bay road.

Time Trials were held today for the Pine wood Derby next Saturday.
For my last picture today I went to a early supper at Willies Redfish restaurant.
I wish my friend Wille Ozbirn could be here today.

 Oyster Po Boy sandwich I took a bite or two before I remembered to take a picture. LOL

Friday, January 24, 2014

Rockport TX Brrrrrr

     Very Cold here

        The high today was 43 degrees although I didn't think it got that warm. I was out for a few minutes to pick up some stuff from Walmart.  I also took a drive along the bay to see if anything was going on. Weren't any people walking and the temperature thingy on the car said 32 degrees. I stopped and looked at the bay at the end of the Rockport beach area. Seemed like a good day to stay inside so I watched a Sam Elliot movie ( The Rough Riders ) yes it was about the Spanish American war where Teddy Roosevelt charged up San Juan hill. I also took a nap this afternoon. Supposed to warm up tomorrow so I will be outside for adventures then.

Port Aransas 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fishing in Port Aransas

Wednesday January 22, 2014   High temperature 72 low 43 Sunny

      Went for a 3 mile bike ride along the bike trail and through the Walmart parking lot. Then decided to go fishing. First tried along the jetty at Rockport beach park, after about 1/2 hour with no action I decided to move to another place. Drove to Port Aransas through Aransas Pass and across the ferry. Fished for about 2 hours and had several bites but couldn't catch any. Talked to a Fish and Game official when leaving and she wanted to know about my fish outing. She was taking a survey in the area I was fishing. There were Dolphins surfacing in the inter-coastal waterway as I was fishing, but they were to fast for me to capture with the camera.

 Fishing water off Port Aransas
 Sunset by Rockport Beach
Speed Limit on this 2 lane road is 75 MPH

    After Leaving I went to supper with neighbors Gary and Beverly who are full timers for the last 12 years. They are originally from Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. They return and spend their summers in this area. Gary has a 1969 Volkswagen they use in the summer. Gary drove to Sinton Texas and we ate at the Back Street Cafe. I had a great roast beef sandwich with Swiss cheese and jalapenos. The baked potato was also a treat. 

Destin Florida to Rockport Texas

      Pictures of this trip

Bennie and Nancy's Condo Destin Florida
View from Condo
1957 Studebaker on Hwy 98 Gulf Shores Alabama

 Entering Louisiana
Entering Houston
 Crossing the Mississippi in Louisiana
 First night in Edna, Texas 
Brackenridge Campground

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rockport Pier

     I didn't do much today, woke early went back to bed slept late. Cleaned the RV a little and put things away. Took a nap for a couple of hours after listening to John Grishman book Sycamore Row.  Late this afternoon I decided to go on the roof of Daisy and remove a deteriorated roof vent cover. I needed this one to determine what style to get to replace it with. Walked to the trash dumpster and got rid of the trash and cleaning junk. Then I went for a drive it was about an hour before sunset and I thought I should get the stink blown off of me.
    The first place I went was to Rockport park with the fishing pier. No fishermen were available to talk to today. I did see this Blue Heron fishing along the pilings.
I then decided to go to supper I thought about several restaurants in the area and decided to try Whataburger again.
 This is the sunset I captured while leaving Rockport park this evening.
 Another concrete structure at the Rockport Park this has a curved surface I assume they have concerts here in the summer time.
 This house caught my eye as I was leaving the park tonight.
After supper I took a little drive to Fulton and thought I would drive along the coast line to see what is there after dark. Just across from the Fulton Mansion State Historic site I saw six deer eating grass along the road. They let me take several pictures but this is the best of the lot.
     When I returned to the park for the evening I walked over to the commons area and watched people playing cards and scrabble. I then played a couple of games of pool with Doug whom I just met tonight and he didn't let me win any games. It has been a long time since I held a pool cue and I did better than I thought I would have.
     Until next time I will thinking about Driving Ms Daisy.........

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rockport Texas to Aransas Pass

      I traveled about 50 miles today after my morning bike ride. I saw a large Doe this morning at the end of the bike trail. The following pictures of the bike trial describe it pretty good. This trail is mainly through the scrub brush and oak trees natural here.

      After the bike ride I took a drive to the Rockport Park and fishing pier. There were no fishermen on the pier so I didn't try my luck. This picture is from the entrance to the park.

Beautiful day high of 70 degrees and very Sunny.

      I then took a ride to Aransas Pass which is about 12 miles south on business route 35 There is a ferry here to the outer island that contains most of the city. Pictures of the ferry and surrounding area .

Several Rv's were parked along the Gulf 
There is a cost of $12 per year to have a parking permit.
This allows campers to stay for three days and then they have to move to another location.

That is all for today more stories to follow.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Rockport Texas Oysters

Rockport Texas Oysters
         Went for a six mile bike ride this morning along the bike trail then through the WalMart parking lot. After the ride I went and picked up a present and got it in the mail for Grandson Alex. He turns 20 tomorrow. After a lunch with a salad I then took a car ride to the fishing pier and just looked around. Didn't see anyone catching fish so I kept my rods in the car. Took a drive along the gulf to Fulton and then looked at the shrimp boats in there docks. Several boats were delivering bags of Oysters. I know they are going to make someone a great PO-Boy sandwich. Made me hungry may have to have one of those later.
 Edna Texas Brackenridge Plantation RV park
 Fishing on Rockport Pier
 Oysters on Boat
Oysters in bags on dock Fulton Texas