Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2 13 2013 Milton FL

Hi Y'all
      See I am becoming acclimated to the local language. Yesterday was another rain day with showers on and off all day long. Some were quite heavy and hard. After I got up and settled I called Mom (MIL) and Bennie (FIL) and we went for a ride since it was not a day to be out exploring on foot. I drove south from Milton to Navarre where we met up at a Winn Dixie. I picked them up and we drove to Foley Al. We took the coast road and watched the water between the high rise condos. There were a lot of these blocking our view. When we drove past the Gulf Shores RV park I was reminded to give them a call and see if any sites are available for Saturday when I plan to roll. Well we went to LAMBERT'S Restaurant for lunch, the home of the throwed rolls. Link   YES they really do throw rolls at you. They are hot and really good with the Apple butter or Molasses they carry around.  We all had a great lunch and visit. After lunch we explored the local area, as I was some what familiar with the local landscape after living here for a year in early 2000. While driving around the countryside I noticed the following and thought that is a lot of Bull.

I was also reminded to post some pictures of the Cedar Pines RV park.

That's all for now I am going exploring the area around Milton today.

Rolling date is Saturday and I will be DRIVING MS DAISY.

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  1. Hey glad to hear you have your toad out exploring and thanks for the campgound map.