Sunday, February 17, 2013

2/17/2012 Gulf Shores State park

Gulf Shores State Park

     I arrived here about 1pm and setup the camp. I finally have a decent WIFI connection here. I am on spot 278 on Alligator Drive. I plan to be here for four days and then on to Destin FL for the remainder of this trip.
     Gulf Shores park is a beautiful place with lots of activity. There are approximately 500 camping spots here and most are occupied. I took a drive down to the end of the campground and was monitoring licence plates. I would say that most are from Michigan, however I also saw quite a few from Ontario and also from Indiana, Iowa. Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Colorado. Most are fifth wheel campers with large pickups. There are a lot of Class A homes and tow vehicles.
     It's been cool here today with a high of about 55 degrees and slight wind. Supposed to warm up some tomorrow to about 64 degrees.
     I polished up  the chrome on the bicycle and will be giving it a test run tomorrow.
     I went to Hazels Seafood Diner for lunch, had a great surf and turf meal, I don't believe I will need any supper as I am still full.
Condos along the beach on drive from Avalon Rv park

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  1. Eat some yummy seafood for me! Safe travels, love you!