Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2 28 thru 3 1 2013

     I went to Pensacola to McGuires restaurant for lunch. Then I journeyed to Pensacola public library to check emails, and catch up on computer blogs. When I returned to Rocky Bayou SP there was a stretch of road that was quite isolated. I saw several groups of deer along the road most were in groups of 6 to 8 individuals. I would guess the total deer seen was around thirty six. I also saw two pairs of wild hogs along the road this is the first time I have seen wild hogs. I took a picture but it was to dark to see the animals.
    I packed attached to toad and left Rocky Bayou at 8 am on Feb 28, 2013. Lola the lying GPS took me through the country up to I 65 just south of  Montgomery AL. Traffic was fairly light until I was about 20 miles north of town and then came to a complete stand still. After traveling at 5 MPH for the next 4 miles I came to this view.

This really put my having to drive slow into perspective. The driver of this rig really had a bad day.

After getting past this the vehicles spread out and driving was OK until I reached Birmingham then the distance between vehicles decreased very tight spaces . There were vehicles on both side of me and all the traffic lanes were full. The speed didn't slow, Daisy and I motored through the city at 55 mph. I white knuckled it, but Daisy performed flawlessly. I continued on my journey stopped for fuel and food some place in southern Tennessee. I ran into heavy traffic again in Nashville but continued on north to a rest stop in central Kentucky; about 70 miles south of Louisville. I slept with about 200 18 wheelers in the same lot. The next morning I continued on the journey the weather had turned nasty. It was cold and raining. It turned to snow about 30 miles south of Louisville, and I thought I should just turn Daisy around and return to the warm weather along the coast. I didn't and arrived back in Geneva about noon March 1 it was good to be home. Our new bed had arrived about  a week ago, we had ordered this king size bed about 10 weeks ago, and it sure looked inviting. Well Daisy is setting in the driveway and after winterizing her she is waiting for the next trip. Until then I will be wanting to DRIVE MS DAISY.......