Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2 19 2013 Gulf Shores

    The new camping spot 186 has more traffic noise, but much better protected from the wind. Not a bad compromise in my opinion. I have closer access to the nature center, and laundry from the new site.
    Had breakfast in a waffle house restaurant, first time I have been in one of these for years. Hasn't changed still has way too much butter on eggs and grits. The scrambled eggs were a bit rubbery.

    I went to Gulf Shores Library next, and I am enjoying the view out the rear windows. Trees, water and squirrels playing. I saw one jump from one tree to another about 8 ft away and he scrambled for footing when he landed.  LOL

    This library is unusual in the entry as it has a tile mural built in the floor. It has Dolphins, Birds, Jets and other items.

     I kept the bicycle on the back of the toad when I moved last night, and I am going for a ride this morning along a back country trail. Sherry and I took this trail the last time we were here, and it is about 8 mile from the start to the camp spot. I don't plan to ride that far today.

     When I moved Ms Daisy last night the wind was blowing fierce and I had to figure out how to get everything moved. RV Toad and bicycle. I could have hooked up the usual way by hanging the bike on the back of the toad. Then I could have connected the toad to to Ms Daisy.  When I got to the new camps site I would have to disconnect and then back Ms Daisy into the new spot then park the toad in front of her. I decided it would be easier to just take the toad and bike to the new camps site and then ride the bike to the old camp site. I left the bike a the old site and drove Ms Daisy to the new site. Then I took the toad back and picked up the bike at the old site and returned to the new site. This was quite involved and with the wind and me taking a wrong turn in the campground on the bike it was quite an adventure.

       Did Laundry this afternoon at the campground facility

    Thursday is rolling day and I will be in Florida again.... Driving Ms Daisy

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