Saturday, July 7, 2018

We have started our summer travels and left Geneva to visit with niece Ashlee and her family in Wisconsin. We stayed three nights in Big Foot Beach State Park in Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva is a tourist town. Sherry got to visit her favorite shops and I always enjoy the village. We ate the first night at Crandall’s Restaurant and had their world famous broasted chicken. We are not sure what made it world famous but, it was good and Sherry loved the mashed potatoes. They served dinner rolls and sweet rolls with the meal. We self-checked into the park for three nights, and with the annual park pass it came to $139.00 which is a little high. We couldn’t take the mail ride on the boat that delivers the mail around the lake. High School kids were auditioning for the summer jobs according to the information center. The boat doesn’t stop to make mail deliveries. The HS kid takes the mail and jumps off the front of the boat onto the dock then places it in the mailbox and picks up outgoing mail then jumps back on the back of the boat as it passes. This tour goes on for a couple of hours and is very popular. However, it doesn’t start until June 15th, so we couldn’t partake. 

We have taken the boat trip that talks about the history of Lake Geneva and the homes.
Ashlee texted us on her way to work and told us to check out the farmers market. While there we talked to a vendor who sold cheese and represented a fishing pond and restaurant. You catch a fish using their poles and bait. When you catch the fish you take it to the restaurant where they prepare it for you. So we took a brochure, and went one day to Rushing Waters Restaurant. We didn’t fish but, did view the pond after lunch, and could see lots of trout in the water. Must have just been fed because the people fishing were having a hard time catching any. We did have lunch, mine was called a shore lunch and was batter fried trout and also a grilled fillet. Sherry had a Penne Pasta plate with vegetables.  I gave her most of the grilled fillet for protein. 
     We visited with Steve, Ashlee and Brayden. He likes cows, Legos and loves Star Wars. His dad and him play Legos together. We had pizza for supper and peach pie. This trip Brayden gave me a painted rock and Sherry a bracelet made of beads. We said our good byes and headed back to the campground. I know we could easily spend a week at Lake Geneva and visit nearby towns. So much to see!

Bennie Hurt
On June 1, 2017 we lost our stepfather and friend.

 He was in our lives for over 10 years, he and Sherry’s mom wintered with us in Texas for the last years. Bennie and I went fishing. Often we went to his favorite Lake Cumberland in his hometown in Jamestown, Kentucky. We also went on an annual Crappie fishing trip to Salamonie Reservoir in Indiana. We took two trips to Canada fishing, one to Alanwater Bridge and one to Nungesser Lake in western Ontario. I find it difficult to write about Bennie and we miss him greatly. Bennie worked for more than 50 years for the same company and was still mowing for them the year before he passed. He would help all of his family with projects. He used his trailer and helped us spread mulch around the house. Mom and he loved to travel and went to Alaska, Hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque, the Pacific North West and the east coast. They wintered in Florida for a few years before I retired.  Bennie loved to drive and knew all the backroads from years traveling to his work places. He knew lots of people and was loved by them. Bennie liked to be well dressed and traveled with a toothpick.
We miss you Bennie!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

2017 Rockport Texas

January 13, 2017 

Rockport Texas for 6 weeks

We normally leave for winter vacation the day after Christmas. This year because of commitments for Sherry’s weaving business we were delayed until the 13th of January. The weather forecasters were predicting a winter storm so we were trying to stay ahead of the bad conditions. We traveled south to Indianapolis and then took I-70 west to Effingham Illinois. Then south but we ran into Ice on the roadway and the windshield wipers were building up with ice as we drove. This lasted for twenty five miles then the roads cleared and we continued driving to reach Little Rock Arkansas. We overnighted at a Walmart and continued south the next morning. We had filled the water storage tank at home as the weather was above freezing. However the water was leaking from under the RV as we used the pump. We try to add enough fresh water when we leave to allow for toilet use.

     We stopped at a restaurant in Marshall Texas and couldn’t open the entry door to the RV. Were lucky to have a Class C motorhome and could gain access through the front doors. We continued to use this access until we were able to repair when we reached Lagoons RV Park in Rockport Texas.

 After arriving in Texas I discovered if I turned the drain valves to the on position and then to the off position they quit leaking, the seal on the valve must have reset itself.
Sherry’s mom and Bennie were already here at their condo and they were happy to see us arrive.
          After troubleshooting and determining with the help of several neighbors that the lock would have to be replaced. Bill our neighbor helped me cut the old lock to pieces so we could remove the defective bolts that were jamming the door shut. This was a Tri Mark lock and it has alignment pins these pins came loose during our travels and extended into the door strike blocking any chance of getting the door open.
     We took the parts to our local RV parts place Camper Clinic and with the help of their service tech we ordered a replacement. They didn’t have one in stock but were able to have it shipped from San Antonio it arrived the next day. So we secured the door with a rope until the replacement could be installed. I purchased Loctite from Ace Hardware to keep the pins from causing future problems. After spending $163 dollars all was back in operating order.  
     Sherry discovered water on the floor next to the Kitchen slide. Upon investigating I found the drain plug on the outside of the water heater was leaking. With some Teflon tape I was able to stop the leak. We left an internal panel off and ran a fan to dry up the water on the floor, after we had soaked up all we could with towels.  
     So for fun after the above we went to the Jam session at the Rialto Theater in Aransas Pass.
 Bennie at Goliad Mission
 Mom, Bennie and Jay at Goliad Mission
Bennie, Carol, and Mom Nancy boat tour
 Randy and Carol hunting shells in front
of Laguna Reef condo.
      Randy on the Industrial boat tour

Bike riding, Pizza at Panjos with friends from the park and lunch with Mom and Bennie at their condo. We typically play card games or Tri dominos in the evening with the folks. If the weather is nice we set out with neighbors in the RV park for Happy Hour and visit. We attended several lectures at the Texas Maritime museum on diverse subjects. We had family members that came to visit for a week in February and we showed them the local sights. This included the Big Tree, Aransas Wildlife refuge, the beach at Port Aransas, the beach at Rockport, USS Lexington, Padre Island national seashore, and lots for restaurants. We also took the Industrial boat tour from Port Aransas to Ingleside and learned about lots of oil rigs and equipment. This was a great informative trip.

 Big Foot oil rig
 Ship for laying pipe
 Gulls were close to boat tour
 Just enjoying the ride
Note the large cranes to pick up rigs.

      The downside to this Texas winter stay was Bennie not feeling well.
      In years past we had talked about seeing the Missions in Goliad Texas. Sherry, Mom, Bennie and I took a day trip and went to Goliad. We toured both Missions and the fort. This is where Mexican Santa Anna of Alamo fame executed Texas General Fannin and his 300 volunteers. “Remember Goliad” became the rallying cry for Texas forces.
      Downtown Goliad is a quaint town square with a courthouse and businesses surrounding. We had lunch at the Hanging Tree restaurant. Right across the street on the courthouse lawn is the Live Oak tree that was used as a hanging tree for law breakers sentenced from the court.