Monday, September 10, 2012

Tawas Point State park

Note, This post was before the Canada fishing trip! This happend on July 5-6 on our return trip from Michigan.

     Well we traveled from Macinaw city to Tawas Point State park (Link)just above Saginaw Bay. Our journey was on Hwy 23 and this is a beauitful drive. You see lots of Lake Huron as you drive along. It was in the mid 90's temperature wise and several people were in the water enjoying the cooling effect.

Tawas point is a great place to stay. There is a Lighthouse about a quarter mile from our camp site. We visited this several times. We took the tour from the old Oil shed to the  top of the light.

You can look for a long way from up there. It was very busy here with lots of people, maybe because of the holiday week. It was extremely dry and hot so we did'nt have a camp fire but several campers around us did and we enjoyed the view. We rode our bikes all over the park on all the paved drives. We even took our bikes to the fog horn point about a half a mile south of the Lighthouse. There was a sign not to use bikes beyond the beginning of the trail and we walked a couple of hundred yards along this trail and saw lots of bike tire tracks in the soil. So we returned to our bikes and rode them up the trail. We passed several kids on bikes coming towards us about half way to the fog horn. When we returned we saw a photographer taking pictures of the Lighthouse with the sun setting in the background. He sells his work and gave us a card to contact him. Sherry and I walked down to the swimming beach a few times but neither of us wanted to get into the water. The last day at Mackinaw City I was going to load the bicycles and tripped over the picnic table leg. I am getting clumsy in this time of my life. Anyway I injured my left shin with an open wound and did'nt want to get it infected. There were lots of swimmers in the water and we enjoyed watching them.
     We got new lawn chairs for this trip from Menards in Fort Wayne and they are proving great. These are zero gravity chairs, meaning they move to several different positions from setting up to laying prone by just shifting your body around. The only thing they need is a place to set your drink.


Well Ms Daisy got to stay in the driveway while friends and I journeyed to Canada. We have returned from our annual Canada fishing trip. This year Bill Baker, Dennie Baumgartner, Paul Murphy and I enjoyed the trip together. Check out Alanwater Bridge Lodge for information on where we went. I got the largest fish this year. It is a 42 in long Great Northern Pike took me about 15 minutes to land. This felt like an hour and a half I was so excited I couldn't fish for the next hour. I just drove the boat and let Paul troll his bait in the water. When I got it to the boat the first time it only had one hook in the corner of its mouth. So we landed it while it was still green and sassy. It spit the lure right out of its mouth while in the net. By the way this fish and all large fish were returned to the water for future good times.

Some how I got turned sideways, just turn your monitor sideways and all will be ok. I sure hope the boat doesn't sink.

Bill Baker got a big fish too.

Dennie Baumgartner on the last day heading for the cabin. Dennie and I caught and released 50 + Walleyes each of the days we fished together.

 Paul Murphy doing what we spent hours, trolling big baits behind the boat. Hoping to attract fish to attack metal or wooden fish imitations.
This is Trout falls about 6 miles from the cabin. Just below the falls is a swirling eddy of water that typically hold a abundance of fish. This year I only caught one fish from this named glory hole. In the past I stood on the bank and caught 100 Walleye before I left.

This is a view of the water behind Star Island. We stopped here and ate lunch while we stretched our legs from setting too long in the boat seats.
I'm not sure when I will be heading out for a southern trip with Ms Daisy. It will likely be after the New Year. Work keeps getting in the way of Driving Ms Daisy.