Sunday, February 17, 2013

2/16/2013 Milton FL

         I finished up my last night at Cedar Pines RV Park and was on my way by 9am after securing Daisy and attaching the HHR. I traveled about 20 miles south and connected to Avalon Landing RV park.

Right behind MS Daisy

      I will only be here one night then on to Gulf Shores State Park.
Yesterday I had my first Sea food since arriving at the coast. I stopped at a Shrimp basket restaurant and had an Oyster POboy sandwich. It was OK but I am going to be looking for better.
     Did the Laundry yesterday at Cedar Pines and removed the walk in rugs and then mopped the floor.
     Avalon Landing has water and my camp spot backed right up to a canal. So I got out the fishing rod and tossed a twister tail a few times but no luck. There was a cold front that moved in today and it got down to 35 last night. The wind was blowing about a hundert miles per hour to quote Billy Bob from his blog.  Actually it was about 40 miles per hour with gusts. rocked Ms Daisy pretty good last evening.
     This morning the wind has laid and the sun is shining. still a little cold about 47 degrees. I have to be out of here by 11 this morning so I better wrap this up and start Driving Ms Daisy.

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