Monday, September 10, 2012

Tawas Point State park

Note, This post was before the Canada fishing trip! This happend on July 5-6 on our return trip from Michigan.

     Well we traveled from Macinaw city to Tawas Point State park (Link)just above Saginaw Bay. Our journey was on Hwy 23 and this is a beauitful drive. You see lots of Lake Huron as you drive along. It was in the mid 90's temperature wise and several people were in the water enjoying the cooling effect.

Tawas point is a great place to stay. There is a Lighthouse about a quarter mile from our camp site. We visited this several times. We took the tour from the old Oil shed to the  top of the light.

You can look for a long way from up there. It was very busy here with lots of people, maybe because of the holiday week. It was extremely dry and hot so we did'nt have a camp fire but several campers around us did and we enjoyed the view. We rode our bikes all over the park on all the paved drives. We even took our bikes to the fog horn point about a half a mile south of the Lighthouse. There was a sign not to use bikes beyond the beginning of the trail and we walked a couple of hundred yards along this trail and saw lots of bike tire tracks in the soil. So we returned to our bikes and rode them up the trail. We passed several kids on bikes coming towards us about half way to the fog horn. When we returned we saw a photographer taking pictures of the Lighthouse with the sun setting in the background. He sells his work and gave us a card to contact him. Sherry and I walked down to the swimming beach a few times but neither of us wanted to get into the water. The last day at Mackinaw City I was going to load the bicycles and tripped over the picnic table leg. I am getting clumsy in this time of my life. Anyway I injured my left shin with an open wound and did'nt want to get it infected. There were lots of swimmers in the water and we enjoyed watching them.
     We got new lawn chairs for this trip from Menards in Fort Wayne and they are proving great. These are zero gravity chairs, meaning they move to several different positions from setting up to laying prone by just shifting your body around. The only thing they need is a place to set your drink.


Well Ms Daisy got to stay in the driveway while friends and I journeyed to Canada. We have returned from our annual Canada fishing trip. This year Bill Baker, Dennie Baumgartner, Paul Murphy and I enjoyed the trip together. Check out Alanwater Bridge Lodge for information on where we went. I got the largest fish this year. It is a 42 in long Great Northern Pike took me about 15 minutes to land. This felt like an hour and a half I was so excited I couldn't fish for the next hour. I just drove the boat and let Paul troll his bait in the water. When I got it to the boat the first time it only had one hook in the corner of its mouth. So we landed it while it was still green and sassy. It spit the lure right out of its mouth while in the net. By the way this fish and all large fish were returned to the water for future good times.

Some how I got turned sideways, just turn your monitor sideways and all will be ok. I sure hope the boat doesn't sink.

Bill Baker got a big fish too.

Dennie Baumgartner on the last day heading for the cabin. Dennie and I caught and released 50 + Walleyes each of the days we fished together.

 Paul Murphy doing what we spent hours, trolling big baits behind the boat. Hoping to attract fish to attack metal or wooden fish imitations.
This is Trout falls about 6 miles from the cabin. Just below the falls is a swirling eddy of water that typically hold a abundance of fish. This year I only caught one fish from this named glory hole. In the past I stood on the bank and caught 100 Walleye before I left.

This is a view of the water behind Star Island. We stopped here and ate lunch while we stretched our legs from setting too long in the boat seats.
I'm not sure when I will be heading out for a southern trip with Ms Daisy. It will likely be after the New Year. Work keeps getting in the way of Driving Ms Daisy.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


     We traveled from Timber Ridge campground at Traverse City to Mackinaw City and settled in to our spot at the Mill Creek campground that we had reserved.This is a family owned campground. It is confusing because there is also a Mill Creek State park Campground. Our site on Tuesday was #274 and it was a nice shaded site. This site was one row back from the beach but was only available for Tuesday night and when we called for reservation a few weeks ago there were no site available there for the 4th. So when we checked in we asked for any site and the guy said yes.I know Sherry was exited because sleeping in a parking lot seem weird. So he made her very happy. We were going to Mackinac Island on Wednesday the 4th and had to leave site 274 before 11am. When we checked in we were able to secure site 70 for Wednesday night, but we couldn't move to this site before the current guest left at 11 am. We decided to take Daisy to the parking lot at the Boat Ferry (Star Line) in the morning and then return to site 70 after visiting the Island. This worked very well as we were shuttled from a parking lot across the street both to the boat and back to Daisy after visiting the Island.
       When we returned to the campground and got set up for the night we took our lawn chairs along the beach where we had a great view of the bridge and were able to see FIREWORKS from Mackinaw City,St Ignace, and Mackinac Island as well as a city I didn't know farther north. We had a great time as the fire works reflected in the water. We visited with several fellow campers along the shore line.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vacation July 1 and July 2

Good morning from the crew of MS Daisy, Sherry and Jay. We are at Timber Ridge campground in Traverse City Michigan since last night.   This is a wonderful campground with friendly hosts and campers.  We took a couple of bike rides around the campground and discovered a covered bridge and a tower for climbing kids. Also there was lots of playground equipment for kids too.  There is a nice pool that was extremely busy with young families.  There was a nice camp store combined with the check in station.  When we called I was told  the cost for one night would be $48, but when we checked in with our Good Sam discount our cost was $36 isn’t that great.

                Sunday night found us at a KOA campground in Allendale MI. in a campground we both found lacking.  It was very dusty, loud, the water quit,  I tripped a breaker on our power panel.  There was two weed filled ponds to fish. When I tried with a twister tail jig I got a big hang up and pulled in several bunches. There were also no nibbles on the rig.  We were only there for one night  and don’t plan to return.  

We traveled yesterday to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park and I obtained my life time card to the all the National parks for the same price for a 7 day pass.  This is only available to seniors over 62 WHAT A DEAL!  The Dunes in this park are formed by the winds coming off Lake Michigan.  I read a story in the brochure on how the Indians said the park was formed.

A forest fire in Wisconsin forced a mother bear and her two cubs to flee into Lake Michigan and though they tried only the mother reached the shore of western Michigan.  They believed God formed the two small islands and the Great Bear dune in honor of their struggle.

Sherry piloted Ms Daisy yesterday along the western coast line from Allendale / Grand Haven to the dunes then on to Traverse City where we are camped. WIFI connections are spotty at best so our posts will also be spotty.

I will add photos later when I upload them from the camera

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Battle Creek MI Balloon Festival and Air show

Sherry and I are on Vacation!!!!!
    We drove Ms Daisy to Battle Creek, MI on Saturday. We had reservations at W. K Kellog Airport to enjoy the festivities. And what a treat we had. When we sent our reservations in they had 3 different choices. Our first choice was front row and we were lucky to get one. Met some really nice RV'ers and we talked about our rigs.
    We arrived at our spot around 1:30pm and the air show was already going on.
This is the Thunderbirds Air Force Squadron planes. They put on a great show. It makes me wonder how they do it. It was loud and fantastic and they flew right over us and in front of us. I just can't say enough about this experience. There were lots of other planes all day long. Bi-planes and other military planes.Some of the planes flew by themselves and others flew in groups crisscross the sky.

     Then as the sun went down the hot air ballon show started. We had really came to see the ballons take off, but they did not. We counted 29 in doing the illume. This was a site to see.The final show of the night was the worlds only jet powered school bus. We had to cover our ears as the bus screamed down the run way. With fire, smoke and excitement this was a great end to the perfect day.

     Michigan is as dry in this area as we are in Indiana. Lost more to see and do. Heading west to Grand Haven area. Bye for now. We'll be Driving Ms. Daisy.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Winterizing and storing

After arriving home in January , Daisy needed all the water removed from her plumbing lines and black and Gray water tanks winterized. I opened the drain valves under the sink and removed the plug from the water heater. After turning off the supply valve to the water heater. When the water had stopped draining I ran the 12 volt water pump to clear the pump. I hooked up the air compressor to the fill connection and set the valves to operate the water lines without going through the water tank. After several boosts with air pressure and opening discharge individual sink and shower valves. I felt the water lines were evacuated. Since I had emptied the waste tanks at the last camping site. I just needed to add antifreeze to the drain traps and tanks. I have traps in the Shower, Kitchen sink and bathroom sink. Daisy set in the cold driveway for about two weeks as I restarted my electrical business. I then found a empty warehouse to store Daisy in for the remainder of the winter. I visited Daisy a few times through the winter and even took her for a drive each month and ran the Generator to keep things operational. After returning to the storage unit each time I disconnected the coach batteries with the solenoid switch provided. We removed Daisy from storage in April and took our first spring trip on May 6 to Salomonie Reservoir Site 246 which is out on the peninsula with water on three sides.

Sherry relaxing at the campsite.
I took pictures of the full moon this camping trip.

Moon was supposed to be the largest looking super moon for several years. We had a great time and had to return to our work schedules.

     Our next trip was June 9th to Whitewater Memorial State Park close to the town of Brookville, Indiana. We had another great time and met new friends, Sharon and Alvin and Charlene and Henry. These campers have often camped together and like to camp next to each other so they can get together and share cooking, fires and conversation. It was our lucky fortune to be given the camp site between these fine folks. The check in person had told these campers our site was not available because they don't book this site. We didn't know which sites would be suitable for Daisy so John (check in person) suggested the non booked and division site. When we arrived neither of the neighboring couples were at there campsites. But soon came back to there respective campers. Of course they questioned us about how we arrived at this site that separated them. We told them the story and then shared our picnic table and had a great time learning about each other. Alvin and Sharon have been farming for the last 50+ years, and hope to turn most of the work over to their Grandson. Henry and Charlene have been all over the country to old tractor shows. Henry is a retired general contractor, I could tell he was a great carpenter. After supper Henry asked if I wanted to go to look at a covered bridge about 15 miles from our campsite. WOW this was a great trip the bridge is next to Housten woods in Ohio and is large enough to allow two semis to pass each other. This all wood construction is a marvel of engineering with arched construction and 3ft wide main beams . There were 6ft walkways constructed for pedestrians on each side of the bridge. I was really impressed, Henry and I visited all the way back to the campground. After returning we solved most of the Worlds problems and had a great time visiting.
Left to Right Sharon's brother , Sharon, and Charlene

This is Henry the Carpenter. I need to apologize to Alvin as I didn't get his picture.

        We were invited to Cowboy Church Sunday morning with our new friends and enjoyed Hymns and service from a local Liberty town pastor. This church is held each Sunday for campers at the Horse barn with Dave the hostler, maybe singing a song while playing his guitar. I hope we get the chance to camp with these new friends again.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Jan 4 thru Jan 7

      I thought I should bring this blog up to speed since I haven't posted for a few days. After visiting the Presidential complex at Little Rock I traveled to Buffalo Tennessee and spent the night in a KOA campground. This was a nice facility with electric, water and a place to dump waste tanks. I arrived after dark on the fifth and left before light on the sixth of January. I didn't sleep very well there was a lot of traffic noise from Interstate 40. This campground is located just next to the interstate, I am going to look for campgrounds that are at least 1/2 mile from major traffic highways in the future.  The trip from Little Rock though Memphis to Buffalo, TN was a long drive and the scenery was about the same as from Idabel, OK to Little Rock, AR.       January 4 I traveled from Buffalo, TN to Nashville TN and spent some time at the Bass Pro shop and Camping World. I picked up some RV supplies at camping world. I got two patches for the roof where I think the water is coming in. I also picked up a 90 degree waste water drain attachment that I think will better keep the sewer hose in the dump pipe. I haven't had a problem but don't want one either. I thought I needed some stuff from Bass Pro, but it turned out that I just wanted to walk around and look at the store. After spending a couple of hours at these stores I was ready for more travel. So I climbed back into Ms Daisy and traveled back up the road to Columbus, IN and spent the night in a Menards parking lot. This was much quieter than the KOA campground and the Walmart next to the Menards. It was also darker as they turn out the parking lot lights after 9:00 Pm when the store closed. I had a great night sleep and then traveled to Anderson, IN to Cracker Barrel Restaurant. I had planned to have lunch here but they were busy so I just turned in the audio book I have been listening to since Memphis.
     Before I forget I need to tell you about going through Louisville, Ky. Lola the lying GPS told me we had a traffic delay ahead about at the bridge over the Ohio river on I 65. She said to avoid delay to take the exit before the bridge and go the alternate route. I knew better but I couldn't help myself and listened to her advise. She had said there was about a 12 minute delay in traffic on I 65. Anyway I took the exit and after nine hairpin turns in the center lane with traffic on both sides of Ms  Daisy I was in line for the alternate bridge on US 31. I waited in a line of traffic through three traffic signals that were being controlled by police personnel at each intersection. This took me about 40 minutes of white knuckles on the steering wheel. After crossing the river I was able to get back on to I 65 without much trouble.
Bass Pro Shop at Nashville, TN
Small Mouth Bass in Bass Pro Aquarium
     I traveled from Columbus, IN to Home on Saturday ending this adventure with Ms Daisy. In total I Ms Daisy and I traveled about 3000 miles on this trip. We had a great time and hope to be able to take another trip together soon.
Until then I will be.............. thinking about Driving Ms Daisy:}

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little Rock Arkansas 1/4/2012

     The journey from Isabel, OK to Little Rock, Arkansas was good. I think I drove about 200 miles today. I had lunch at Cracker Barrel. This was the first time on this trip I ate at a restaurant I think. I have been to several McDonalds for coffee, and sometimes for breakfast sandwiches.
     The western part of Arkansas is very pretty with lots of water and woods. I saw lots of logging trucks and some places where the trees were harvested. The rolling hills to the west are ideal for tree raising. Some of the trucks were driving towards me and some were going with me. I thought why couldn't they just go the other way then they would save driving time and miles. I did see a operation where they were converting trees into poles for electric distribution. I also saw a lumber mill where they were kiln drying the lumber, so maybe they have good reasons for which direction the logs were traveling.
      After lunch I toured the William J Clinton Library this was a very interesting place I took lots of pictures. They have duplicates of the cabinet room and the oval office. This site was an old abandoned industrial complex. They did an excellent thing with this project.
       I am spending the night at Trails end RV park north of Little Rock. This is quite close to I 40 and I am hearing a lot of traffic. I hope I can sleep tonight like I did in the Walmart parking lot.
      I refilled Ms Daisy's propane tank and now don't have to worry about running out while heating her tonight. I use an electric heater when I have electricity but this requires a boost with the furnace once the temperature drops to about freezing.
Gleeson Lake on Hwy 70 west Arkansas
Hill country western Arkansas
Clinton Cabinet room
Clinton desk in Oval Office
Clinton Presidential limo.

Idabel, Oklahoma

      I didn't have Internet access last night so I couldn't update on the location of the team. Ms Daisy is performing flawlessly. Jay has flaws as most of you know.

        Spent the night in Walmart's parking lot after getting the OK from the customer service person. She said " Were not  supposed to allow that but go ahead everyone else does."  I had a great nights sleep, after traveling 340 miles yesterday.

        I am currently setting at Ms Daisy's table and typing this. We are connected to the Idabel public library system. They have a beautiful library here in the city, with a great Wifi signal. We came through the Texas hill country yesterday right up Hwy 96 to Hwy 59 the rolling hills were nothing for Ms Daisy but a little hard on the gas budget. About 9 miles per gallon yesterday, I do notice that there are a lot of little gas stations that Ms Daisy shouldn't enter, just not enough room for her bulk. Lola the liar performed much better yesterday after I made changes to select the fastest route.

      I tried to upload pictures from yesterday but couldn't maybe I will be able to later.

       I am planning to travel to Little Rock Arkansas today to see the Clinton Library, I will take what pictures I can. The last time I saw President Clinton was in Decatur, Indiana at a speech to get Hilliary the Presidential nomination for 2008.

Texas Hill country on Hwy 59 about 50 miles south of Oklahoma

Until next time I will be.................Driving Ms Daisy:} 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Texarkana, TX

     I left Sea Rim before 6 this morning and have traveled about 200 miles north toward Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas borders I may get there before dark. If I have Internet access tonight I will update this post later.
Until then I will be......... Driving Ms Daisy:}

Port Arthur, TX

       Rockport to Port Arthur Texas is about 300 miles. I white knuckled it through Houston,, traffic wasn''t terrible but you have to make sure your in the correct lane for the next time you have to catch the correct road. Lola the GPS is a liar. I had her set for the best fuel economy, but have since changed her to the fastest route. I think they should have a setting for the way Jay would want to go.
     Spent the night at Sea Rim State park. No connections so I boondocked along the shore. Sea Rim is about 20 miles south of Port Arthur on Hwy 87. There no other entrance since Hurricane Ike washed out the road to Galveston. The park also saw heavy damage in the storm, wiped out all above ground structures. Managers house, Asst mgr. house, all the walkways from the parking facilities to the beach. They just reopened last year with very limited resources.
      I have friends here that work camp for camping place with hook-ups. Jim and Sharon have been doing this since last year for the winters. Jim does maintenance around the park, including building fences and washing vehicles or anything else Manager Terry mentions. We had a nice visit last evening right after the sunset. Sharon walks the beach about everyday and picks up trash that washes in to the shore.
   Sea Rim park is pretty desolate with limited visitors, because of its location. Much needs to be done to bring it back as it was before the hurricane. One thing I know they offered before the hurricane was Air boat rides.
     Highway 87 from Port Arthur goes right through the oil refinery I was told this will be the largest oil refinery in the world when it is completed. It is very large now, and I wouldn't have believed I was on the correct road if Jim had not advised me it goes through the refinery. Just beyond the refinery is the Inter coastal waterway with big ships and barges bringing oil to the plant. There were also Shrimp boats and other industries along the inter coastal.
     Just for your information Port Arthur STINKS, I mean literally stinks, it bothered my breathing I don't know how the locals get along. Maybe they just get used to the chemicals in the air.
Ship on Inter coastal waterway Hwy 87 Texas

Cattle along Hwy 73 East of Houston, TX

Twilight at Sea Rim Park with hurricane damaged walkway.

Sunset at Sea Rim the black band is smoke from a brush fire.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Last day in Rockport

      Yesterday I went to the Rockport Beach and fed the Sea Gulls. I spent about 4 hours here just relaxing and reading my Nook. I also went to a Blockbuster video store that is closing. I was looking for two movies to add to the collection. The movies are DAVE this is a Kevin Kline movie about standing in for the President and the other is the THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT with Michael Douglas and Annette Bening. Didn't have either one. No wonder they went out of business.
        Back to  the campground for Happy Hour with the gang. After fellowship I said my goodbyes and expect to be on the road by 8:00 this morning.

This bird also showed up to see if what I was feeding the gulls was fit.

     I will be moving north and east this morning toward Sea Rim state park along the LA and TX border.
Today I will be ....... Driving Ms Daisy