Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Destin Fl

 Wow, I'm on the road again!

     I am traveling south again this winter to get to some warmer weather. I decided to tow a vehicle behind Daisy this year so I could investigate sights eaiser than taking the 31 ft RV.

    I left Geneva friday afternoon after rewiring the car so the turn signals worked properly. After I had orginally wired the turn signals and plugged in the RV the Left turn signal on the HHR operated when the right turn signal on the RV flashed, and Vise versa for the other turn signal. Anyway I got on the road about 3:30 PM.

     I traveled to Jeffersonville IN and arrived about 8pm. I was tired so stopped a the Walmart and slept for a couple of hours. After a shopping trip in Walmart and lowering the weight of my billfold. I felt refreshed and decided to drive through Louisville while the traffic was better. When I got on the road I felt good and drove through Nashville Tn and then onto a Parking area along side of  I-65 this was about 4:30am. I slept until 9 am and then after my oatmeal breakfast I was on the road again at 10 am. I traveled to Milton Fl and am staying Cedar Pines RV park for at least a couple of days.
     Sunday Feb 10  I drove the HHR (Toad) Did you know RVers call their towed vehicles a TOAD?
Anyway I took the Toad to Destin Florida and spent the day with My Mother in law and Father in law.
We went to Olive Garden for lunch. I took pictures all around the area, but wasn't able to transfer them to my computer. I will post more later when I can transfer pictures.
Until then I will be thinking about Driving Ms Daisy.

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  1. Glad to hear you had no trouble with towing your toad! Don't forget to eat at a Popeye for their wonderful chicken.Enjoy your time with Daisy.