Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve 2011 Rockport TX

Happy New Year!!!!
Ms Daisy and I spent the day in the park. I made some repairs where water had damaged some wood, basically I removed the wet and damaged pressed board which the cabinets were made. I replaced and covered this damaged area with some plastic molding I got at the Home Depot yesterday. I also cleaned and put away the grill, and tidied up inside Ms Daisy.

     If you look inside the open cabinet you will see the trim piece I added after the clean up. Ms Daisy feels much better now. There is New Years Party tonight at the community center starts about 7:30 tonight. So I took a shower and think I will be presentable tonight.
     Happy Hour at 4:00 pm was with the usual group, a new couple showed up tonight. These are all great people, and made me feel very welcome.

 I plan to stay here tomorrow and then travel on Monday the day most people won't be working. I hope to drive through Houston at minimal traffic.

Soon I will be...... Driving Ms Daisy

Friday, December 30, 2011

Corpus Christi, Tx

    Daisy and I took a road trip today to Corpus Christi just to look around. The GPS took me down South 35, Most of the way if was foggy especially when I left the park this morning. Corpus Christi is about 30 miles south of Rockport.
Lagoon's RV park about 9 am Rockport TX

I caught this picture of the Corpus Christi Palm trees as I was leaving the city and thought you might want to see. While there I went to Home Depot for a piece of trim to repair the cabinet damage where Daisy's roof leaked.

Are these coconut palms?

I also made a trip to Walmart to refill a Prescription and while I was there I purchased a New York Strip steak. So it was Surf and Turf tonight.
This will be enough for several meals. By the way that was the last of the shrimp I got the other day.
The Jalapenos were super HOT!!! Maybe I didn't roast them long enough.

I am watching a Sam Elliot movie tonight I think the name is The Desperate Trail.
Until next time I will be...... Driving Ms Daisy:}

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rockport TX Day 4

    I was up late last night reading a new book, so I slept in this morning to about 10 am. After tidying up Ms Daisy. I went for a walk and found a Petal Cactus and took a picture. There was also a Pink Flamingo next to the cactus but I didn't capture this plastic bird on camera.

      Did I tell you Ms Daisy has a small roof leak around the front slide on the passenger side?  I borrowed a ladder from the neighbor and went up on top with some silicone to see if I could plug any holes. Not sure if I fixed the leak, I will have to wait for the next rain to see.

4 pm     HAPPY HOUR with neighbors Tom & Doris, Rich & Joyce, Ron & Penny, and others. We were able to sit outside in the 72 degree weather where it was sunny. I told them about Ms Daisy but forgot to tell them to look at the blog. I also forgot to get pictures, maybe tomorrow.

5:30 PM  Supper was the same as last night the Shrimp was still delicious!! Sorry I couldn't share it with you.
Card games are Texas Hold em tonight, but I think I will pass.

Tomorrow I will be....... Driving Ms Daisy

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rockport TX

December 28 4:30 Pm

     Ms Daisy and I went for a ride to the Fulton Beach area today and took some pictures. Its been warm all day, right now it is 67 degrees outside. There is a group of campers next to Ms Daisy and I may join them in a little while. There is also a cribbage card game tonight that I plan to attend.
Fulton Beach with White Pelican, a Stork and a Diving duck

      I am having problems uploading pictures a the moment and may be able to try later. However I was going to show what is for supper. I went to a Seafood place today and picked up some very large SHRIMP. I plan to have Jalapeno poppers and these shrimp fixed on the BBQ. I know they will be delicious.
Until next time I will be........... Driving Ms Daisy.
I got supper picture to upload and thought I would share ti with you.
These were delicious, Wish you were here to share.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rockport TX

I arrived in Rockport TX yesterday and set up Daisy in the Lagoon's RV park. This park has lots of amenities. Swimming pool, Hot tub, RV store, Billiards, Card Games, Entertainment, High Speed WIFI at extra cost. Anyway on the way down from Sweeny I stopped at a  Ford Dealer and had them adjust the low beam headlights. I have been blinding other drivers since we got Daisy. I don't think they were ever adjusted right. Maybe the previous owner never drove at night.
    Well the drive down was uneventful, and Daisy and I are enjoying SUNNY weather now. The temperature is 71 degrees outside as I write this blog. I went for a walk and had planned to go to the water but after about a mile I decided to walk back to Daisy, and just type instead. I took the Spree scooter around the campground today and talked to several people.
     I also did laundry today, and talked to a nice lady from Louisville. She and her husband are first timers here also and they are going to stay for 3 months. She says I really need to check out Good Sam chapters in Indiana as they have a couple of rally's each year.
I plan to take Daisy to Walmart tomorrow and resupply.  I will also check out the local water and will post pictures.
I wanted to share some pictures of the RV park.

Notice the Palm trees we don't see this in Indiana!!
Here's Ms Daisy snuggled in to her spot.

I passed this chemical plant near Point Comfort, TX I have been seeing these all along the coast from Mississippi, through Louisiana, and now in Texas. This one I was told makes Ethylene Glycol.

Tomorrow I'll be........ Driving Ms Daisy

Monday, December 26, 2011

Port Allan, La to Sweeny TX

Merry Christmas

I didn't have Internet access last night so I couldn't post but I was thinking about it.
Yesterday I traveled 344 miles and it was raining most of the way. I know this is a good day to travel because you wouldn't want to be outside anyway. I had lunch at a closed gas station a bacon hamburger that I had fixed on the grill in Magnolia Springs. Actually I fixed a pound of bacon and 6 hamburgers and put it in the freezer for future use. Most places were closed yesterday and I think all should close on Christmas.
This is the skyline of Houston TX as I entered on I 10 I then took Hwy 59 south to HWY 35 S RV park.
Atchafalaya Basin
     This bridge is 18.2 miles long and is called by the same name. I could just imagine the Alligators out in the swamp.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

On the road again

Today was travel day. Left Magnolia Springs AL about 1pm and traveled 250 miles to just west of Baton Rouge LA. Weather was Sunny and warm about 65 degrees this afternoon. I am now in Cajun Country campground and have called it a day.

 On I 10 entering Mobile, AL

     Last Wednesday I talked to Daughter Shelly and told her I was in LA. She Assumed Los Angeles and I corrected her and told her that I was in Lower Alabama. So today I called her and told her I was in LA, she laughed and said I get it Lower Alabama. I said nope I am in Louisiana. She thought this was still funny.

   Tomorrow is Christmas and I want to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

 I will be traveling tomorrow toward Texas. I want to explore along the coast for wintering in the future.

Until next time I will be......Driving Ms Daisy:}

Friday, December 23, 2011

Still in Magnolia Springs, Al

    Yes, I am still here in Magnolia Springs Alabama.
       My brother Jon lives close and I am parked at a business he owns here in town. Magnolia Springs is a very old settlement and is so named because of the under ground fresh water springs that start the Magnolia River. I believe this is the only place left in America where mail is delivered to residents along the river by boat. I plan to be moving along before Christmas. My brother and I went to Gulf Shores this morning and looked at the new construction that has taken place since Hurricane Ivan and this area also suffered from the BP oil well that flowed for so long into the gulf. Except for  the lack of trees you wouldn't know of all the damage from the above disasters.
Brother Jon

Behind me is the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico at Alabama Point

I captured these Bottle nose Dolphins while looking out from Alabama Point. Just East of Orange Beach Alabama.

    Also on note my Aunt Donna and Uncle Pete have a winter get away place on county road 9 they are now going to sell. This is really close to Fish River. The river lives up to its name I have fished here several times. They were scheduled to move back to Indiana a week ago Thursday but she developed medical complications and had to spend some time at Thomas Hospital where they removed her gall bladder. This was quite serious and just diagnosed in time by the Emergency room physician. They are really good at taking care of people if you and in need here. Aunt Donna is back at their place here and is recovering quite well. They may be able to start home sometime next week.
   Yesterday Jon and I went to Campers world and I got and replaced the defective switch in Ms Daisy. I also picked up other things I needed and some things I could have gotten along with out. I got two of the neatest Ice cube trays for the freezer, I forgot to take pictures but will for the next post.

Until then I will be..........Driving Ms Daisy   ( :}

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

10 am Magnolia Springs Al

First of all I wanted to post a picture found in a local tree and explain what I found. I thought this was quite appropriate for the season. Do you know what this is? I am talking about the clumps of green in the bare tree.  

I am told this is Mistletoe the same stuff we hang in the door and kiss our love ones under.
Apparently it is a parasite and attaches to the tree branches and grow from the nutrients it gets from its host.

This is a close up, see if you can see the berries.

     I am parked close to the Magnolia Springs Public Library and am able to pick up their WIFI connection. I will post more later today when I get some pictures of the area.

Last night before bed I tried to turn off the overhead lights in the front section of Daisy and the switch broke. The lights turned off but then wouldn't turn on again. This morning I removed the panel holding the switches and removed the wires from the defective switch and interchanged them with the one marked compartment lights since I seldom use these lights. I will have to obtain a replacement switch and restore Ms Daisy to fully operational condition.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10 AM Dec 20

Spent the night at Montgomery AL in Montgomery Campground see Photo.
Found some Christmas cards and a already baked Chicken at a Walmart. Made a wonderful supper I had a helping of cottage cheese and a salad also.
     I was going to spend the niight at the Walmart parking lot, but it didn't seem safe so I moved to the campground and had a great nights sleep.
      I am on the road again this morning and will arrive in Gulf Shores about 2 pm.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

ON THE ROAD :} Finally

Well its been quite a while since I first blogged. Had quite an experience getting the Title for Ms Daisy, it took 35 days from when we gave the dealer the complete payment to receive a Title for the vehicle. Indiana state law requires the seller to get the title to a buyer within 21 days from purchase date. We had quite a time and it involved getting with the Indiana Attorney Generals Office. I am glad this is finally over and I can now take much needed trips with Daisy.

I left North Eastern Indiana Yesterday at 4 pm and drove to Columbus Indiana where I arrived about 8:30 pm . I was just too tired to blog. I spent the night in a Walmart parking lot and had some trouble sleeping.

I was up early this morning with intentions of leaving early but just took it easy until after daylight. I went about 240 miles today and now am in Columbia, TN at Camping RV Park, just east of I 65 and have dined and I am going to watch a Netflix movie before bed.

I did take some pictures of the RV park before dinner. Would you like to see?
I added this rack to haul the Honda Spree for a run around vehicle.

 The following picture is showing how busy the RV park is I think I got one of two available spaces.
 Sorry for the quality of this picture but I had to include it for a friend in Berne Indiana who can't cultivate a Mountain Ash tree and they grow wild from Tennessee to Ontario Canada. I will email him and tell him to check out this blog.
 Here I am relaxing before dinner.
     I forgot to mention I added a set of  Big Foot Levelers to Ms Daisy before leaving on this trip. I will upload pictures in a future blog for all to see.

Until next time I will be Driving Ms Daisy :}