Friday, April 1, 2016

Rockport Texas Jan 23 through 31

       We were lucky enough to have church on Sundays in our RV park. The pastor is staying in the park and we enjoy his ministry and his telling of his life experiences. We received communion and were given a red glass bead to carry with our change. This is to remind us of the blood of Christ each time we take our change from our pocket. I have found this enjoyable and am enlightened each time I see this bead.
      We went to Aransas Pass Rialto Theater in the evening and saw the play Shirley Valentine. This is a one woman play that captures the audience. While it is both funny and tragic Shirley is unhappy with her life. She talks mainly to the wall in her kitchen and tells of all her woes. She takes a trip overseas after much dilemma and renews her since of self worth. We don't know if she will ever return to the states, but she is very happy in her new environment.
      The Rialto also has weekly music jam sessions on Tuesdays. They put on several musicians from the local area and each play songs in turn and go around the circle of players. Most are good, some are better, and some not so much, but a good time is had by the entertainers and the audience. We attended a couple of the jam sessions. They have food and beverages for sale as well and is a very relaxed atmosphere.
     When returning from Corpus Christi one afternoon we stopped at Groomers Seafood and picked up some net run shrimp and a pound of Grouper to fix on the grill. I like to clean the shrimp with a deviener and then spray with canola oil and lay on the hot grill surface. The Grouper was fixed with butter and lemon zest and juice. We typically make a potato and onion packet with butter and salt and pepper and place this on the grill as well. We used the grill more this year as the weather allowed us to be outside.
      I think I may have mentioned before the Texas Maritime Museum in Rockport puts on educationaal talks each Monday while we stay here. They are interesting and we usually attend. They are called brown bag talks and are at 12;00 noon on Mondays. However the attendees rarely take any food to the talks. We listened to how they restore the Oyster reefs in Pelican bay. They collect oyster shells from several local restaurants and store them for 6 months in the bright sun to sanitize them before returning them to beds in the bay. They are held in place with a special mesh that keeps them from being pushed around by the currents. New oyster fry attach to the hard services of the old shells and bind them together over time develop into new beds. The oyster fry take about 18 months to reach edible size. These reefs can be seen from satellite on Google earth.
     Our friends Craig and Karen who are also our park neighbors invited us to join them for lunch.  They have been going to this Vietnamese HU-Dat  restaurant. While we hadn't ever eaten this type of food we decided we weren't getting any younger and might as well try. Sherry and I both had the bun bowls, quite different and interesting. They are bowls filled with cool noodles and then some meat I had chicken is placed over the noodles. It is served with a orange sauce that we poured over the entire meal. We found them refreshing and certainly different from our normal fare. I forgot to mention small bits of cucumber were cut up in the noodles.
     We also enjoyed Karaoke at the RV park and we continued to have fellowship with the neighbors. Sherry and Karen attended a Quilt show at the local high school. We also rode bikes about every day to the bike trail and maybe down to the water.
       Well you can tell we have been very busy with lots of varied activities each day. I will try to catch up on the blog soon.