Saturday, August 30, 2014

8 30 2014 Wabasha National Eagle Center

      I am staying at a resort RV park named Big River Resort in Wabasha Minnesota. This is close to the river but you can't see from here. The park is nice and is a Good Sam park so I get a discount. The park has gravel pads with concrete slab for the picnic table. Nice new bathhouse is located just behind Daisy.  Although the park is pretty full not much is happening outside. My driver side neighbor arrived today and I saw him and some of their friends take their big motorcycles and go for a ride. They left a few hours ago and haven't returned.

     I visited the NATIONAL EAGLE CENTER today and was able to see the program where they feed and eagle. Our interpreter gave and excellent program and told us a lot about eagles. The highest current threats to eagles is from Lead pellets from hunting and fishing, eagles have higher acid content in there stomachs and will dissolve lead pellets overnight then the lead kills them. The next highest threat is from automobiles as an eagle will not fly away when the auto approaches it just fluffs up it feathers and prepares to protect its prey. The do scavenge like crows and vultures.

     There are several beautiful homes here in Wabasha. I especially liked the ones right on the river just south of the bridge.

        This is my last night here I will be traveling north tomorrow and will be updating when I get an internet connection. 
     Until then I will be ........ Driving Ms Daisy.

8 29 2014 Wabasha MN

        Traveled from High Cliff State park to Wabasha Minnesota. I was going to stay at Castle Rock Lake in central Wisconsin but was not able to make a reservation at the county RV park. So as it was early I decided to travel on to this place. The drive along the Mississippi is about fifty miles after crossing into the state. Several beautiful views were seen, but were hard to capture while driving.

           Yesterday I went to Chilton Twn Wisconsin and was able to get a good internet connection at the local bakery. Yes I did sample some of the wares and also had lunch a couple of  hours later. The Blueberry muffin was great, but the lunch left me with a ill feeling. I think their fried chicken was tooooo greasy for my stomach. Very friendly staff and locals were found. I saw a art sculpture outside and will include a picture.

       Last night the Wabasha Arts Council put on a live band under the bridge. The band was ARCADES from the twin cities.  The put on a great show with a lot of  Fifties and Sixties music. I knew most of the words to these songs, Ha Ha and LOL. Went to Teabones restaurant after the show and had their special of  Lobster and Sirloin steak.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

8 26-28 2014 High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park
      Great place to visit, I really liked biking all the roads in the campground and to the museum. The ride back up the hill was very taxing on my old legs. I enjoyed the Marina, beach and to sight see the area.
    Went to Appleton on Wednesday to visit the Walmart and get some needed supplies. The views of Lake Winnebago are great along the highway as you enter from the south. It is easy to see why it is named High Cliff when you look from the campground to the lake.
          It is because of (Karen Pfundtner) that I decided to visit this park. I met her husband Steve on the park road yesterday, and was able to introduce myself. Karen sent a nice email to recognize that I had made contact.

 Welcome Kiosk at check in station
 At the Nature Center
 At the Marina
I have a farmers tan showing

 My foot at the edge

Camp set-up for three day stay :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

8-22 thru 25, 2014 Lake Geneva Wi

Greetings from Lake Geneva.
      I arrived here on Friday and after a few weaves and bobs made i t through CHICAGO. After my high toll on the Indiana toll road I unwisely decided to have( Lola the Liar) my GPS to avoid all tolls. She took me through the wilds of south Chicago and after waiting on three trains and going under a overpass that was 11 ft 6 inches high. Note Ms Daisy is 10 ft 8 in high. I decided to allow the tolls and was soon directed to I 294 and was able to get to Gurnee mills shopping center. I stopped at Bass Pro and was going to pick up a few items. I decided to check with the mall office if I could park overnight in the parking lot. After getting information at two places I was able to talk to the Security office and was declined to stay.  I decided I didn't need anything at the shopping plaza and then proceeded on to Happy Acres Campground in Bristol Wi  for the night.
      I got a 9am start to proceed to Big Foot State Park in Lake Geneva. Just after getting my camp set up I received a call from Niece Ashlee and was asked to visit for the evening. I traveled the seven miles north and was able to visit with Ashlee, Steve and six week old Brayden.

I helped Steve install a couple of ceiling fans in the master bedroom and living room on Saturday. We had a good time and was able to visit with the family as we installed the fans. 

Lake Geneva reminds me o f Fairhope Alabama with all the shops and people visiting. This is a very nice area to visit. 

     Tomorrow I leave for High Cliff State park in Northern Wisconson.  See this web site for further information.
    Until next time I will be Driving Ms Daisy..............

Thursday, August 21, 2014

8 20-21 2014 Indiana Dunes State park

Indiana Dunes State park
        I have a good campsite #59 in the State park and have enjoyed bike riding around the park. I have ridden 5 miles each day and this in the rolling hills at the state park. I did stay on the paved surfaces. There are several campers here as this is prime vacation time. I guess about three quarters of the campsites are occupied. I think they are divided about evenly between tents and RV’s / trailers.

Every three months I have to hook up a devise to my pacemaker and upload my pacemaker data to the Lutheran Hospital clinic. I tried to do this yesterday without success. I need a phone line to be able to transfer the data. I have a machine that you hook to the phone line and then by placing a receiver over the pacemaker it uploads the data and then calls an 800 number and transfers it to the clinic. This was very difficult to do this time as I am having trouble finding phones that will work. Yesterday I went to the Middlebury Fire Department and explained what I needed, and was given permission to use their phone. However their phone is dedicated to 911 system and wouldn't function. 
       Today I went to the Chesterton Library and was told they only have internet telephones. They suggested I try the Chesterton Fire Department and Police departments, and though they let me try I was not able to transfer the data. I then went to the local hospital, and they have internet based phones and these also would not work. I called the pacemaker clinic and discussed with them that I was having problems. They suggested I try a church and so I went to St Johns United church in Chesterton and after explaining my dilemma I was allowed to try their phone service. Success was had at the church and I was grateful to the secretary who allowed me to do this transfer. 
      I think there is a cell phone adapter available, and I will be investigating this before the next check.

Until next time I will be ......... Driving Ms Daisy

8 19-20 2014 Coachman Factory

Coachman Factory Middlebury Indiana

         I spent two nights at Coachman Owners Association campground in Middlebury. This is a free campsite for Coachman owners.

 The factory offers tours so you can see how the units are built, but I didn't take one this time. You need to call ahead for the tour as they schedule it just for your group. They ask what type of RV you are interested in seeing and I think this is to encourage you to maybe purchase a new one. I did some sightseeing and went to Bontragers RV Surplus in White Pigeon MI. I didn't really need anything but was interested in what was available. I was able to leave by only spending $10.00 can you believe it. I purchased a lift cylinder and attachment brackets for the storage compartment under the bedroom slide. I scratch my arms on this door every time I get the grill out. I am hoping this will help prevent this condition. I was also able to dine at the Das Essenhouse restaurant, but I restrained myself and just had the senior meal instead of the buffet. My Turkey Manhattan, Salad, Drink and Old Fashioned Cream pie was $13.00, the buffet was $10.95.  I have to wonder at my choices sometimes. I was also able to visit with my aunt Donna and Uncle Pete at their place on the St Joe River in Constantine Michigan. It was great to catch up with them. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5/23/2014 Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia

This is on the list as one of our favorite cities, we really enjoyed our time here.

      We took the Old Town Trolley tour, we have found they do a great job of presenting a quick history and ideas of areas where we want to further explore when entering an unknown city. We had used this company in Washington DC last year. Our guide Larry gave us a running dialog as he drove the trolley through the busy city streets.