Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2 26 2013 Destin Fl

Mom and Bennie

Great Picture of these two

     I spent most of the day visiting with Nancy and Bennie, I arrived at the condo a little before 7 am and we were on the way to the Destin Snowbird meeting soon after. We stopped for a quick breakfast at McDonald's and then on to the community center.
     After finding our seats we waited and visited while the band tuned up. Soon it was time for the announcements. The president was first to rise to the podium and she welcomed everyone then introduced a song leader who led up in O CANADA and then THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER. It was warming to see all of these old folks remove their baseball caps hold their hands over there hearts and sing while looking at the flag.
    The entertainment came next with a group of students from a local university. The played jazz and had both a female and male vocalist pretty good music. After the entertainment we were entertained by the committee who was in charge of door prizes. When we entered we all signed our names and placed the folded ticket in a plastic container. Bennie won a $10 gift certificate to Moes Southwest grill.
     After we left the community center we traveled to the Library. I read the newspapers while Mom turned in her library card and browsed around. She will definitely get a renewal card next year as she really enjoyed both the video and books this year.

Inside the Destin Library

We saw a Dolphin breaching here today
Along the board walk Destin Fl

    We went for a stroll along the Harbor walk and looked at all the shops, boats and water. There were several fishing trips and site seeing opportunities. Waves were about 10 ft out in the gulf and were crashing on the outer sea wall. The weather had cooled down but at least it wasn't raining.
    After the board walk we went to see the movie Safe Harbor based on the book by Nicholas Sparks. This was  chick flic but has a storyline that was interesting. I liked the movie and would recommend it to my friends.
     I have one more night at Rocky Bayou SP and will be packing up on Feb 28 unless the weather is so bad in Indiana I decide to stay a while longer. Daisy is waiting for me to drive her home.

Monday, February 25, 2013

2 25 2013 Rocky Bayou SP

Rain, Rain, Rain

They have flash flood warnings out and I did drive through a couple of places where the water was across the road, maybe 2 inches deep. Sleeping was a little noisy last night with all the rain on the roof and the thunder and lighting. If you have never been in a RV with heavy rain, its a little like a tin roof with all the noise. I put in tissue ear plugs to dampen the onslaught. There is a tent camper down two spaces. I wondered several times in the night how they were fairing. I am going to Destin  today and spend time with Bennie and Nancy.  We plan to play cards and maybe go see a movie, SAFE HAVEN based on the book by Nicholas Sparks. I will probably update later.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

2/24/2013 Rocky Bayou SP

Rocky Bayou State Park

Sandy Pine trail.
    I took a walk this morning for about a mile on Sandy Pine trail.  This trail starts at the campground and curves around a reclaimed creek bed. The terrian is up and down as the trail winds around. The footing is good but you do have to keep your eyes on the trail so you don't trip on the tree roots.

 Creek along the trail
 Deer Moss
 Roots along the trail, would be difficult to ride bike here
 After about a mile in I got a call from Nancy to see if I wanted to go to lunch with them to a Logans steak house in Fort Walton Beach. Naturally I agreed right away but told them I would need a little while to get back to the campground. Pictures to follow.
Marker along the trail
 There serious about this!!
Camping spot is a little out of level, glad I had the Levelers

2/23/2013 Niceville FL

Met with Nancy and Bennie and we went to a wood carving show by Emerald Coast Carvers. Most of these guys snowbirds who need something to get them out of the house and away from their spouse for a few hours each week. They do beautiful work and I greatly enjoyed talking to them. I tried to get Bennie to sign up for a carving class starting next January, but I don't think he will.

After the carving show I returned to Bennie and Nancy's condo, but didn't stay long because I have to relocate from Henderson Beach SP to Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou SP about 12 miles north. I tried to extend my time at Henderson Beach but they didn't have any openings. So I packed up Daisy and pulled in the slides, retracted the levelers, hooked up the HHR and was on the way. I just made the connection before the rains started again.

Friday, February 22, 2013

2 21 2013 Destin FL

Henderson Beach State Park

     I traveled the 80 miles from Gulf Shores SP to Henderson Beach SP and arrived here at 12:30 pm.

 I couldn't get into my RV spot until after 1pm they told me it could be as late as 3pm. Anyway I was able to get in and set up just a little after 2 pm. After securing the camping spot I unhooked the toad and then hooked up utilities and leveled the RV, Once secured I traveled to MIL condo and had a great supper and visit. We played Skip Bo and talked over things until about 10pm. I journeyed back to the RV park and soon retired to the bed.

     Weather was cool and wind was pretty strong with Yellow flag at the beach. This indicates moderate gale force.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

2 20 2103 Gulf Shores State Park

    Gulf State park Alabama

   Last day at this state park. I was up early and took a quick bike ride then removed the bike rack from the HHR and stowed it under the RV because I didn't want to haul it around.
     I drove to Daphne Al and looked around this area to see changes since I lived there in 2000. Lots of building on the interstate.

Front Entrance at Bass Pro Shop

With a two new malls one of these is a  Bass Pro shop before I went to the Bass Pro shop I drove down to Fairhope to look up the restaurant where I planned to lunch. I found the restaurant and then had a coffee at Latte Da and listened to the locals discussing the woes of the world. Obama care seems to be on the top of the agenda and not much approval here.

    Fairhope is a beautiful town but has way to much traffic for the small streets. It has always been quaint since I first visited here back in the eighties. 

They decorate the streets with lots of flowers and really keep the area clean. They also mark car tires and enforce the two hour parking limit relentlessly.
     I mentioned I has lunch in Fairhope at Panini Petes this was visited by Diners Drive-ins and Dives and the food was delicious.
     I had the Black and Blue burger it was made with chopped Sirlion and had Gorgonzola cheese topping.


This wrought iron enclosure was wrapped in glass and is used as additional serving space for the restaurant

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2 19 2013 Gulf Shores

    The new camping spot 186 has more traffic noise, but much better protected from the wind. Not a bad compromise in my opinion. I have closer access to the nature center, and laundry from the new site.
    Had breakfast in a waffle house restaurant, first time I have been in one of these for years. Hasn't changed still has way too much butter on eggs and grits. The scrambled eggs were a bit rubbery.

    I went to Gulf Shores Library next, and I am enjoying the view out the rear windows. Trees, water and squirrels playing. I saw one jump from one tree to another about 8 ft away and he scrambled for footing when he landed.  LOL

    This library is unusual in the entry as it has a tile mural built in the floor. It has Dolphins, Birds, Jets and other items.

     I kept the bicycle on the back of the toad when I moved last night, and I am going for a ride this morning along a back country trail. Sherry and I took this trail the last time we were here, and it is about 8 mile from the start to the camp spot. I don't plan to ride that far today.

     When I moved Ms Daisy last night the wind was blowing fierce and I had to figure out how to get everything moved. RV Toad and bicycle. I could have hooked up the usual way by hanging the bike on the back of the toad. Then I could have connected the toad to to Ms Daisy.  When I got to the new camps site I would have to disconnect and then back Ms Daisy into the new spot then park the toad in front of her. I decided it would be easier to just take the toad and bike to the new camps site and then ride the bike to the old camp site. I left the bike a the old site and drove Ms Daisy to the new site. Then I took the toad back and picked up the bike at the old site and returned to the new site. This was quite involved and with the wind and me taking a wrong turn in the campground on the bike it was quite an adventure.

       Did Laundry this afternoon at the campground facility

    Thursday is rolling day and I will be in Florida again.... Driving Ms Daisy

Monday, February 18, 2013

2 18 2013 Gulf Shores State Park

     Didn't sleep well last night, I don't know why I didn't have any caffeine before bed. Went to bed at 10 pm and woke up several times. I finally just got up at 1:30 and watched the TV and read a book until 4 am then went back to bed. I was up at 7am and felt pretty good.
     I took a bike ride around the park this morning probably about 4 miles. Legs were burning when I returned guess I just need to build up my muscles again. This afternoon I made a run to the shoe place to get some new feet protectors.

     It is windy here again today gusts are rocking Daisy as I type this post. This morning it seemed cool out about 55 degrees so I wore a jacket while bike riding. This afternoon temperature reached about 68 degrees. Forecast is for showers tonight but should warm up to about 70 tomorrow.

I promised a picture of where they throw the rolls, Lamberts restaurant the other day.

     I plan to go for another bike ride this afternoon and then veg out this evening. I have made reservations for Henderson Beach State park for later this week and then Rocky Bayou State park for the rest of my stay this month.
     Wow if the wind picks up anymore I am going to ask if I can relocate because it might roll this RV over. Thats all for now updates later....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

2/17/2012 Gulf Shores State park

Gulf Shores State Park

     I arrived here about 1pm and setup the camp. I finally have a decent WIFI connection here. I am on spot 278 on Alligator Drive. I plan to be here for four days and then on to Destin FL for the remainder of this trip.
     Gulf Shores park is a beautiful place with lots of activity. There are approximately 500 camping spots here and most are occupied. I took a drive down to the end of the campground and was monitoring licence plates. I would say that most are from Michigan, however I also saw quite a few from Ontario and also from Indiana, Iowa. Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Colorado. Most are fifth wheel campers with large pickups. There are a lot of Class A homes and tow vehicles.
     It's been cool here today with a high of about 55 degrees and slight wind. Supposed to warm up some tomorrow to about 64 degrees.
     I polished up  the chrome on the bicycle and will be giving it a test run tomorrow.
     I went to Hazels Seafood Diner for lunch, had a great surf and turf meal, I don't believe I will need any supper as I am still full.
Condos along the beach on drive from Avalon Rv park

2/16/2013 Milton FL

         I finished up my last night at Cedar Pines RV Park and was on my way by 9am after securing Daisy and attaching the HHR. I traveled about 20 miles south and connected to Avalon Landing RV park.

Right behind MS Daisy

      I will only be here one night then on to Gulf Shores State Park.
Yesterday I had my first Sea food since arriving at the coast. I stopped at a Shrimp basket restaurant and had an Oyster POboy sandwich. It was OK but I am going to be looking for better.
     Did the Laundry yesterday at Cedar Pines and removed the walk in rugs and then mopped the floor.
     Avalon Landing has water and my camp spot backed right up to a canal. So I got out the fishing rod and tossed a twister tail a few times but no luck. There was a cold front that moved in today and it got down to 35 last night. The wind was blowing about a hundert miles per hour to quote Billy Bob from his blog.  Actually it was about 40 miles per hour with gusts. rocked Ms Daisy pretty good last evening.
     This morning the wind has laid and the sun is shining. still a little cold about 47 degrees. I have to be out of here by 11 this morning so I better wrap this up and start Driving Ms Daisy.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

2 14 2014 Valentines day Destin Fl

  Visit with Inlaws

      I drove the 60 miles from Milton to Destin this morning and will be visiting with Mom and Bennie today.

      We plan to play some cards and then go see the new Nicolas Sparks Movie ( Safe Haven) this movie opens today and since she has read the book twice is really looking forward to seeing it.

Happy Anniversary and Valentines day to my Honey who had to stay in Indiana and work during this winter break for me.  LOVE YOU


2 13 2013 Milton Fl add

Good Morning

      Another rain day but I ventured out to get a haircut. I was going to a hair salon I passed at the corner of 90 and Hwy 87 but as I was driving south I saw a sign for a barber shop and decided to give him a try.
Picture of sign for barber shop.

After getting my ears showing again I went to a drive along the river and took in some views. Since it was still raining I spent most of the time in the vehicle.  But did capture some pictures shown below

   I had a Churches Chicken lunch and then went back to the RV and caught up on some reading.

     Saturday morning will be rolling day for Ms Daisy and we will be heading towards Foley AL and brother Jon's house. Then I will be Driving MS Daisy.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2 13 2013 Milton FL

Hi Y'all
      See I am becoming acclimated to the local language. Yesterday was another rain day with showers on and off all day long. Some were quite heavy and hard. After I got up and settled I called Mom (MIL) and Bennie (FIL) and we went for a ride since it was not a day to be out exploring on foot. I drove south from Milton to Navarre where we met up at a Winn Dixie. I picked them up and we drove to Foley Al. We took the coast road and watched the water between the high rise condos. There were a lot of these blocking our view. When we drove past the Gulf Shores RV park I was reminded to give them a call and see if any sites are available for Saturday when I plan to roll. Well we went to LAMBERT'S Restaurant for lunch, the home of the throwed rolls. Link   YES they really do throw rolls at you. They are hot and really good with the Apple butter or Molasses they carry around.  We all had a great lunch and visit. After lunch we explored the local area, as I was some what familiar with the local landscape after living here for a year in early 2000. While driving around the countryside I noticed the following and thought that is a lot of Bull.

I was also reminded to post some pictures of the Cedar Pines RV park.

That's all for now I am going exploring the area around Milton today.

Rolling date is Saturday and I will be DRIVING MS DAISY.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb 10 2013 Milton FL

 Milton, Fl Rain Day
    I wasn’t able to download the pictures I took yesterday, because I didn’t have the correct cable to connect the camera to my computer. So the next time I visit with my in-laws. I will try to duplicate them.
     Today it started raining about 2 am and has rained on and off all day. The rain at times was so hard it was sheeting down the windows. I was up at 4:30 and made my oatmeal breakfast. I ventured out about noon to go to the Library and see if I could get a WIFI signal to post to the blog. I thought LOLA led me astray again as I was unable to find the Library where she assured me it was there. I finally figured out I had to turn a 180 and go down this bicycle trail road.  It is a nice Library and, I was able to connect after obtaining a password. 

 I had to go back to Daisy and pick up my camera to post some pictures. While I was out I tried to obtain a spare key for the HHR (Toad). After three different hardware stores I gave up, I have two sets of keys but wanted one to carry in my billfold in case I have an emergency. The HHR has a chip built into the key like most new cars and a duplicate at a dealer shop is really expensive. Since I was only going to use the key for a door opener if I accidently left the original key in the ignition I didn’t need one with a chip.
I thought I would include a picture of Daisy and her Toad

     Good day for a nap so I did for about an hour this afternoon.
      Its supposed to rain for the next couple of days so I’ll see what adventures  I get into tomorrow.
This is OK as I am setting in if not DRIVING MS DAISY J                   

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Destin Fl

 Wow, I'm on the road again!

     I am traveling south again this winter to get to some warmer weather. I decided to tow a vehicle behind Daisy this year so I could investigate sights eaiser than taking the 31 ft RV.

    I left Geneva friday afternoon after rewiring the car so the turn signals worked properly. After I had orginally wired the turn signals and plugged in the RV the Left turn signal on the HHR operated when the right turn signal on the RV flashed, and Vise versa for the other turn signal. Anyway I got on the road about 3:30 PM.

     I traveled to Jeffersonville IN and arrived about 8pm. I was tired so stopped a the Walmart and slept for a couple of hours. After a shopping trip in Walmart and lowering the weight of my billfold. I felt refreshed and decided to drive through Louisville while the traffic was better. When I got on the road I felt good and drove through Nashville Tn and then onto a Parking area along side of  I-65 this was about 4:30am. I slept until 9 am and then after my oatmeal breakfast I was on the road again at 10 am. I traveled to Milton Fl and am staying Cedar Pines RV park for at least a couple of days.
     Sunday Feb 10  I drove the HHR (Toad) Did you know RVers call their towed vehicles a TOAD?
Anyway I took the Toad to Destin Florida and spent the day with My Mother in law and Father in law.
We went to Olive Garden for lunch. I took pictures all around the area, but wasn't able to transfer them to my computer. I will post more later when I can transfer pictures.
Until then I will be thinking about Driving Ms Daisy.