Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back home in Indiana

   I left Blackwater River State park on March 5 and traveled north through the pan handle of Florida and on to Huntsville Alabama. I stayed two nights at the NASA Rocket and Space center. This is where they hold Space Camp for aspiring astronauts. These kids and adults spend time in confined space and are subjected to a program of space training and projects. There is a really nice museum here of  all rockets and military devices. I really enjoyed spending time at the museum and learned lots about the space engineering. Since I was camping a the space center I was interested in the Air Stream trailer that was converted to an air tight vessel to insure no space bugs were brought back form the moon trips. This vessel was self contained and the astronauts were quarantined here until it was safe to let them back amongst the public. There were two Saturn 5 rocket ships that also caught my attention, These were BIG and one was on the outside of the newest building. The other was on display upstairs in the museum. It was on a suspended steel structure and was laid down and covered most of the building which was about 300 feet long. There were lots of displays in this building along with the Air Stream I mentioned earlier.
    The campground was nice and I stayed here for two nights. The rate for full hook up was $20 per night. There were what I thought were flowers blooming in several trees around the campground. However upon investigation they were parachutes of rockets that the space camp had set off and some landed in the trees. I picked up a couple of spent rockets and brought them back to Indiana with me, I am not sure what I will do with these but the guys at the Town Barn enjoyed the story.
When I left Huntsville I had planed on staying in Nashville or Louisville for a couple of days but I was anxious to get home so I just drove straight through and arrived home on Saturday after driving the 600 miles. I was tired and shaking but I recovered.
Pictures of  Rocket and Space center.

Smaller rocket I think this was an Apollo rocket
International Space center mock up
Military rockets

In the picture above this I am standing by the trash can on right
You can see the rocket engine over my head to the left.
Davidson center upstairs
Air stream quarantine trailer.
Ride that simulates take off of rocket 4G's applied.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blackwater River State park Florida

    I made a trip to Milton Florida today and was going to eat lunch at Captain Petes Seafood restaurant. There was quite a bit of road repair work happening in the area and it was difficult to find the restaurant. However I persevered and finally arrived there only to find a sign out front that said the place was closed due to sickness.
      I was then going to give my lunch business to Churchs Chicken whom I had passed on the way to Captain Petes. However I saw a Captain D's chain restaurant on the way and decided to stop there instead.

       Butterflied Shrimp sounded good so I got an order with steamed Broccoli and coleslaw. I couldn't eat it all at one setting so I saved half for supper.
I have changed my header picture to Daisy setting in her spot at Blackwater State park. I took several pictures of the river and park.

 This old brick road parallels US90 and a railroad track and is about 5 miles long. I think it would be a good place to ride a bike.
      The following pictures are from Eagles Landing Rv park where I spent a couple of days before Blackwater River here but because I didn't feel well I just laid around in the RV while here. However there was a conveince store in Holt, Florida about a mile up the road and when I left the RV park I stopped here for propane and lunch. I am including a picture of lunch because I made two meals of the one serving. It was two pork chops and turnip greens with ham and mashed potatoes with gravy.

Tonight is my last night at Blackwater State Park and I will be heading north toward Montgomery Alabama.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blackwater River State Park

    I have moved from Rocky Bayou to Blackwater River state park. This park is located about 30 miles west of Rocky Bayou. I did stay two nights at Eagles Landing Rv park on Saturday and Sunday.  I developed a cold on Saturday and just slept most of the weekend. I made one run  to Walmart in Crestview to get some drugs for the cold. Sherry told me to cut an onion in half and let it absorb the nasty stuff of the cold. I had heard this before but hadn't tried the remedy. Within fifteen minutes of setting the onion out my nose dried up and I felt much better. Now with the extra Nyquil and Dayquil i may survive. I rode the bike around Rocky Bayou  several time but because of the weather and ill feelings I have not been on the bike since moving. It was very cold last night at Blackwater River as the temperature lowered to about 34 degrees outside. I am very comfortable inside Daisy with the electric heater working full time. I would like to get out and explore this park but probably wont because weather conditions aren't expected to improve over the next two days.  I am making this post from McDonalds in Milton Florida as Blackwater River does not have internet access.
      Say a  good healing Prayer for my friend Bill Baker who had knee replacement surgery on Monday this week. Everything is looking good for his recovery but every prayer helps.
       I will let you know where I land on Thursday after I move. Until then I will be thinking about
..........DRIVING MS DAISY.................