Friday, June 15, 2012

Winterizing and storing

After arriving home in January , Daisy needed all the water removed from her plumbing lines and black and Gray water tanks winterized. I opened the drain valves under the sink and removed the plug from the water heater. After turning off the supply valve to the water heater. When the water had stopped draining I ran the 12 volt water pump to clear the pump. I hooked up the air compressor to the fill connection and set the valves to operate the water lines without going through the water tank. After several boosts with air pressure and opening discharge individual sink and shower valves. I felt the water lines were evacuated. Since I had emptied the waste tanks at the last camping site. I just needed to add antifreeze to the drain traps and tanks. I have traps in the Shower, Kitchen sink and bathroom sink. Daisy set in the cold driveway for about two weeks as I restarted my electrical business. I then found a empty warehouse to store Daisy in for the remainder of the winter. I visited Daisy a few times through the winter and even took her for a drive each month and ran the Generator to keep things operational. After returning to the storage unit each time I disconnected the coach batteries with the solenoid switch provided. We removed Daisy from storage in April and took our first spring trip on May 6 to Salomonie Reservoir Site 246 which is out on the peninsula with water on three sides.

Sherry relaxing at the campsite.
I took pictures of the full moon this camping trip.

Moon was supposed to be the largest looking super moon for several years. We had a great time and had to return to our work schedules.

     Our next trip was June 9th to Whitewater Memorial State Park close to the town of Brookville, Indiana. We had another great time and met new friends, Sharon and Alvin and Charlene and Henry. These campers have often camped together and like to camp next to each other so they can get together and share cooking, fires and conversation. It was our lucky fortune to be given the camp site between these fine folks. The check in person had told these campers our site was not available because they don't book this site. We didn't know which sites would be suitable for Daisy so John (check in person) suggested the non booked and division site. When we arrived neither of the neighboring couples were at there campsites. But soon came back to there respective campers. Of course they questioned us about how we arrived at this site that separated them. We told them the story and then shared our picnic table and had a great time learning about each other. Alvin and Sharon have been farming for the last 50+ years, and hope to turn most of the work over to their Grandson. Henry and Charlene have been all over the country to old tractor shows. Henry is a retired general contractor, I could tell he was a great carpenter. After supper Henry asked if I wanted to go to look at a covered bridge about 15 miles from our campsite. WOW this was a great trip the bridge is next to Housten woods in Ohio and is large enough to allow two semis to pass each other. This all wood construction is a marvel of engineering with arched construction and 3ft wide main beams . There were 6ft walkways constructed for pedestrians on each side of the bridge. I was really impressed, Henry and I visited all the way back to the campground. After returning we solved most of the Worlds problems and had a great time visiting.
Left to Right Sharon's brother , Sharon, and Charlene

This is Henry the Carpenter. I need to apologize to Alvin as I didn't get his picture.

        We were invited to Cowboy Church Sunday morning with our new friends and enjoyed Hymns and service from a local Liberty town pastor. This church is held each Sunday for campers at the Horse barn with Dave the hostler, maybe singing a song while playing his guitar. I hope we get the chance to camp with these new friends again.