Monday, January 27, 2014

Rockport, Goose Island, Red Head Express

     Went to the Big Tree at Goose Island State Park and then drove around Lamar Texas. I saw 5 Whooping Cranes as I drove along the bay. I wasn't able to get a picture as they were to far away. I also forgot to put the binoculars in the car so I couldn't get as good as view as I wanted.  The Big Tree is a 1000 year old Live Oak and has a diameter of 11 feet and a circumference of  35 feet. The branches are so heavy they had to be supported. When this  tree was 900 years old the CCC Civil Conservation Corp installed the first fence around the base to protect it from vandals. I think this was in 1933 or there about. 

 This is a baby tree in the same area as the big tree.

This evening I went to hear these young ladies sing. They are the RED HEAD EXPRESS and they did a great job entertaining all of us. This is their last tour of southern Texas,  and Lagoons RV resort was their last performance of this tour. The have moved to Nashville Tn and are hoping to make it big time. They have the same producer that launched the Dixie Chicks and several other bands. I wish them the best. This is a link to their facebook page   


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  1. Wow, that is one big tree! I also love your knowledge of history. How cool would that be of the band made it big time and you saw them play before they were famous? Did you get their autograph?