Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rockport Texas to Aransas Pass

      I traveled about 50 miles today after my morning bike ride. I saw a large Doe this morning at the end of the bike trail. The following pictures of the bike trial describe it pretty good. This trail is mainly through the scrub brush and oak trees natural here.

      After the bike ride I took a drive to the Rockport Park and fishing pier. There were no fishermen on the pier so I didn't try my luck. This picture is from the entrance to the park.

Beautiful day high of 70 degrees and very Sunny.

      I then took a ride to Aransas Pass which is about 12 miles south on business route 35 There is a ferry here to the outer island that contains most of the city. Pictures of the ferry and surrounding area .

Several Rv's were parked along the Gulf 
There is a cost of $12 per year to have a parking permit.
This allows campers to stay for three days and then they have to move to another location.

That is all for today more stories to follow.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Love the crab sculpture at the beach. Wonderful blue skies and would be fun to stay at the beach with Daisy.

  2. Looks like you are having a great time...lots of fun stuff to do, beautiful scenery and WARM weather, can't beat that!!!

    Love you! Shelly

    1. Ah warm weather, what is that again and when is it coming back to Indiana?