Monday, January 6, 2014

Catch up

Wow, it has been so long since I blogged I almost forgot how. I am currently in Destin Florida with Bennie and Nancy Hurt. More on this a little later.
     In July Sherry and I made a trip to Washington DC and toured the city. This was the first time I was there so many of the views you see on TV were brought to life for me. We stayed at Cherry Hill RV park on the North side of the city. We then drove down to the center of the city and parked in an underground facility. We got our tickets to a trolley car that toured many of the sites we wanted to see. I believe this is the best way to see the city. The Trolley stops a most of the attractions and you get off and then another trolley car will stop to pick you up every half hour. We toured the National Archive building and saw the Declaration of Independence. The Archive building is guarded by the National park service. The guard standing next to the the case was so stationary I thought she was a statue until she moved and startled me because she wasn't a statue. We then toured several other buildings Including Union Station, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam wall, Korean war Memorial, WWII Memorial, several of the Smithsonian museums, and the Holocaust museum. I am sure I missed several of the sites we visited because it has been so long since I was there. After we left the National Mall area we toured Mount Vernon, George Washington's estate. Then we drove to Monticello Thomas Jefferson's estate. I really enjoyed this trip as I was able to see many of the sights I grew up learning about. I am sure we could have spent about a month in Washington and still had things to see. Maybe we will go back sometime and see more of the history of this area.

      We spent the last of October at Qubache state park and enjoyed the fall festival. Lots of kids and grown ups dressed up in costumes and spent a couple of hours touring the campground and gathered up a stash of Candy. We passed out about 30 pounds of candy and ran out before the end of the time allowed for treating. If we go back next year we will have about 40 pounds to distribute.

       I have been planning a trip south to get away from the cold weather in Indiana since fall. I plan to stay in Destin area until January 10 and then will travel west to Gulf Shores Al and try to see my brother for a couple of days. I will then move on to Texas for a few weeks to see the sights along the east coast near Corpus Chirsti.

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