Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rockport Pier

     I didn't do much today, woke early went back to bed slept late. Cleaned the RV a little and put things away. Took a nap for a couple of hours after listening to John Grishman book Sycamore Row.  Late this afternoon I decided to go on the roof of Daisy and remove a deteriorated roof vent cover. I needed this one to determine what style to get to replace it with. Walked to the trash dumpster and got rid of the trash and cleaning junk. Then I went for a drive it was about an hour before sunset and I thought I should get the stink blown off of me.
    The first place I went was to Rockport park with the fishing pier. No fishermen were available to talk to today. I did see this Blue Heron fishing along the pilings.
I then decided to go to supper I thought about several restaurants in the area and decided to try Whataburger again.
 This is the sunset I captured while leaving Rockport park this evening.
 Another concrete structure at the Rockport Park this has a curved surface I assume they have concerts here in the summer time.
 This house caught my eye as I was leaving the park tonight.
After supper I took a little drive to Fulton and thought I would drive along the coast line to see what is there after dark. Just across from the Fulton Mansion State Historic site I saw six deer eating grass along the road. They let me take several pictures but this is the best of the lot.
     When I returned to the park for the evening I walked over to the commons area and watched people playing cards and scrabble. I then played a couple of games of pool with Doug whom I just met tonight and he didn't let me win any games. It has been a long time since I held a pool cue and I did better than I thought I would have.
     Until next time I will thinking about Driving Ms Daisy.........

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