Saturday, February 1, 2014

Port Aransas fishing

     My first trip today was to the Rockport beach park and I tried a photography idea i read about on another blog. The first picture is a normal view with the Sony Cyber shot point and shoot camera.
   If you look right in the middle of the picture you will see a man setting on a bench in the yellow shirt. In the next picture I held the camera with a Tasco binocular on the lens. This is supposed to give me capability of longer range photos.
    It is not as focused as I would like or maybe I moved a little when taking the picture but this has possibilities.
          I watched some people fishing along the Jetty and didn't see any action so I decided to try my luck at  Port Aransas. When I was driving along the highway to the ferry,  there were lots of fishermen along the flats. I stopped and looked and without wading boots I couldn't fish so I went on down the road to the park at Port Aransas. I fished for a couple of hours and tried  frozen shirmp and several different artificial baits. I didn't have any bites on anything I used from anything in the water. There were a couple of Pelicans that wanted me to catch something to feed them.
      When I was leaving a couple from Minnesota told me I had missed the action on the wooden fishing platform when a guy caught a 30 pound Black Drum. I didn't see this so I can't verify the story. I was told it was returned to the water.
       I decided I was much more hungry than the fish so I drove back to Rockport at the restaurant on Enterprize street for supper.

Supper was this chicken fillet with steamed vegetables and potato slices.

Wonder what tomorrow adventures will be?

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  1. Sounds fun grandpa! Too bad you didn't catch any fish. Those pelicans look really neat, hungry, too. We miss you here and have been thinking of you. I am so glad you have been having fun, can't wait to read about what you explore next!