Friday, December 23, 2011

Still in Magnolia Springs, Al

    Yes, I am still here in Magnolia Springs Alabama.
       My brother Jon lives close and I am parked at a business he owns here in town. Magnolia Springs is a very old settlement and is so named because of the under ground fresh water springs that start the Magnolia River. I believe this is the only place left in America where mail is delivered to residents along the river by boat. I plan to be moving along before Christmas. My brother and I went to Gulf Shores this morning and looked at the new construction that has taken place since Hurricane Ivan and this area also suffered from the BP oil well that flowed for so long into the gulf. Except for  the lack of trees you wouldn't know of all the damage from the above disasters.
Brother Jon

Behind me is the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico at Alabama Point

I captured these Bottle nose Dolphins while looking out from Alabama Point. Just East of Orange Beach Alabama.

    Also on note my Aunt Donna and Uncle Pete have a winter get away place on county road 9 they are now going to sell. This is really close to Fish River. The river lives up to its name I have fished here several times. They were scheduled to move back to Indiana a week ago Thursday but she developed medical complications and had to spend some time at Thomas Hospital where they removed her gall bladder. This was quite serious and just diagnosed in time by the Emergency room physician. They are really good at taking care of people if you and in need here. Aunt Donna is back at their place here and is recovering quite well. They may be able to start home sometime next week.
   Yesterday Jon and I went to Campers world and I got and replaced the defective switch in Ms Daisy. I also picked up other things I needed and some things I could have gotten along with out. I got two of the neatest Ice cube trays for the freezer, I forgot to take pictures but will for the next post.

Until then I will be..........Driving Ms Daisy   ( :}

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