Wednesday, December 21, 2011

10 am Magnolia Springs Al

First of all I wanted to post a picture found in a local tree and explain what I found. I thought this was quite appropriate for the season. Do you know what this is? I am talking about the clumps of green in the bare tree.  

I am told this is Mistletoe the same stuff we hang in the door and kiss our love ones under.
Apparently it is a parasite and attaches to the tree branches and grow from the nutrients it gets from its host.

This is a close up, see if you can see the berries.

     I am parked close to the Magnolia Springs Public Library and am able to pick up their WIFI connection. I will post more later today when I get some pictures of the area.

Last night before bed I tried to turn off the overhead lights in the front section of Daisy and the switch broke. The lights turned off but then wouldn't turn on again. This morning I removed the panel holding the switches and removed the wires from the defective switch and interchanged them with the one marked compartment lights since I seldom use these lights. I will have to obtain a replacement switch and restore Ms Daisy to fully operational condition.

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  1. I see you are finding out the adventures of rving. Everytime we turned around something broke, but we know you can fix anything and everything! Enjoy - we think it is awesome you are doing this - in fact we might be a little jealous! If you get thru Asheville/Black Mountain let us know - we would love to see you