Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rockport TX Day 4

    I was up late last night reading a new book, so I slept in this morning to about 10 am. After tidying up Ms Daisy. I went for a walk and found a Petal Cactus and took a picture. There was also a Pink Flamingo next to the cactus but I didn't capture this plastic bird on camera.

      Did I tell you Ms Daisy has a small roof leak around the front slide on the passenger side?  I borrowed a ladder from the neighbor and went up on top with some silicone to see if I could plug any holes. Not sure if I fixed the leak, I will have to wait for the next rain to see.

4 pm     HAPPY HOUR with neighbors Tom & Doris, Rich & Joyce, Ron & Penny, and others. We were able to sit outside in the 72 degree weather where it was sunny. I told them about Ms Daisy but forgot to tell them to look at the blog. I also forgot to get pictures, maybe tomorrow.

5:30 PM  Supper was the same as last night the Shrimp was still delicious!! Sorry I couldn't share it with you.
Card games are Texas Hold em tonight, but I think I will pass.

Tomorrow I will be....... Driving Ms Daisy

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  1. No Texas Hold em' grandpa? Aw but it's fun, however I prefer Euchre... Too bad the roof was leaking, hopefuly you got it taken care of! BTW That is a pretty cactus!