Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rockport TX

I arrived in Rockport TX yesterday and set up Daisy in the Lagoon's RV park. This park has lots of amenities. Swimming pool, Hot tub, RV store, Billiards, Card Games, Entertainment, High Speed WIFI at extra cost. Anyway on the way down from Sweeny I stopped at a  Ford Dealer and had them adjust the low beam headlights. I have been blinding other drivers since we got Daisy. I don't think they were ever adjusted right. Maybe the previous owner never drove at night.
    Well the drive down was uneventful, and Daisy and I are enjoying SUNNY weather now. The temperature is 71 degrees outside as I write this blog. I went for a walk and had planned to go to the water but after about a mile I decided to walk back to Daisy, and just type instead. I took the Spree scooter around the campground today and talked to several people.
     I also did laundry today, and talked to a nice lady from Louisville. She and her husband are first timers here also and they are going to stay for 3 months. She says I really need to check out Good Sam chapters in Indiana as they have a couple of rally's each year.
I plan to take Daisy to Walmart tomorrow and resupply.  I will also check out the local water and will post pictures.
I wanted to share some pictures of the RV park.

Notice the Palm trees we don't see this in Indiana!!
Here's Ms Daisy snuggled in to her spot.

I passed this chemical plant near Point Comfort, TX I have been seeing these all along the coast from Mississippi, through Louisiana, and now in Texas. This one I was told makes Ethylene Glycol.

Tomorrow I'll be........ Driving Ms Daisy


  1. Looks like you were able to get a great shady spot.


  2. Very pretty palm trees. Sounds and looks like a very nice park. Found where you are on the map today. Enjoy the warm weather, it was cold here today!

  3. I'm so jealous! Palm trees, 60 some degrees... Glad to see you're having a great time!