Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rockport TX

December 28 4:30 Pm

     Ms Daisy and I went for a ride to the Fulton Beach area today and took some pictures. Its been warm all day, right now it is 67 degrees outside. There is a group of campers next to Ms Daisy and I may join them in a little while. There is also a cribbage card game tonight that I plan to attend.
Fulton Beach with White Pelican, a Stork and a Diving duck

      I am having problems uploading pictures a the moment and may be able to try later. However I was going to show what is for supper. I went to a Seafood place today and picked up some very large SHRIMP. I plan to have Jalapeno poppers and these shrimp fixed on the BBQ. I know they will be delicious.
Until next time I will be........... Driving Ms Daisy.
I got supper picture to upload and thought I would share ti with you.
These were delicious, Wish you were here to share.


  1. Those are BIG shrimp!!! Yummo!!

    Love you!

  2. Lucky you! I told the guys at work I need to get a shrimp platter and spoil myself or go to Red Lobster. Glad you are having nice weather.