Sunday, December 18, 2011

ON THE ROAD :} Finally

Well its been quite a while since I first blogged. Had quite an experience getting the Title for Ms Daisy, it took 35 days from when we gave the dealer the complete payment to receive a Title for the vehicle. Indiana state law requires the seller to get the title to a buyer within 21 days from purchase date. We had quite a time and it involved getting with the Indiana Attorney Generals Office. I am glad this is finally over and I can now take much needed trips with Daisy.

I left North Eastern Indiana Yesterday at 4 pm and drove to Columbus Indiana where I arrived about 8:30 pm . I was just too tired to blog. I spent the night in a Walmart parking lot and had some trouble sleeping.

I was up early this morning with intentions of leaving early but just took it easy until after daylight. I went about 240 miles today and now am in Columbia, TN at Camping RV Park, just east of I 65 and have dined and I am going to watch a Netflix movie before bed.

I did take some pictures of the RV park before dinner. Would you like to see?
I added this rack to haul the Honda Spree for a run around vehicle.

 The following picture is showing how busy the RV park is I think I got one of two available spaces.
 Sorry for the quality of this picture but I had to include it for a friend in Berne Indiana who can't cultivate a Mountain Ash tree and they grow wild from Tennessee to Ontario Canada. I will email him and tell him to check out this blog.
 Here I am relaxing before dinner.
     I forgot to mention I added a set of  Big Foot Levelers to Ms Daisy before leaving on this trip. I will upload pictures in a future blog for all to see.

Until next time I will be Driving Ms Daisy :}


  1. Sounds like you had quite a days drive. Ms Daisy must have handled well.Enjoy your trip.

  2. so happy for you!!! We are enjoying your blogs! Merry Christmas to you - Boomer and Sarah