Saturday, December 24, 2011

On the road again

Today was travel day. Left Magnolia Springs AL about 1pm and traveled 250 miles to just west of Baton Rouge LA. Weather was Sunny and warm about 65 degrees this afternoon. I am now in Cajun Country campground and have called it a day.

 On I 10 entering Mobile, AL

     Last Wednesday I talked to Daughter Shelly and told her I was in LA. She Assumed Los Angeles and I corrected her and told her that I was in Lower Alabama. So today I called her and told her I was in LA, she laughed and said I get it Lower Alabama. I said nope I am in Louisiana. She thought this was still funny.

   Tomorrow is Christmas and I want to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

 I will be traveling tomorrow toward Texas. I want to explore along the coast for wintering in the future.

Until next time I will be......Driving Ms Daisy:}


  1. We have crossed over that bridge many times.I have sent Randy a message hoping you can meet up with him.


  2. I can't keep with you and your LAs! Merry Christmas, we love you!!

    Safe travels,