Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve 2011 Rockport TX

Happy New Year!!!!
Ms Daisy and I spent the day in the park. I made some repairs where water had damaged some wood, basically I removed the wet and damaged pressed board which the cabinets were made. I replaced and covered this damaged area with some plastic molding I got at the Home Depot yesterday. I also cleaned and put away the grill, and tidied up inside Ms Daisy.

     If you look inside the open cabinet you will see the trim piece I added after the clean up. Ms Daisy feels much better now. There is New Years Party tonight at the community center starts about 7:30 tonight. So I took a shower and think I will be presentable tonight.
     Happy Hour at 4:00 pm was with the usual group, a new couple showed up tonight. These are all great people, and made me feel very welcome.

 I plan to stay here tomorrow and then travel on Monday the day most people won't be working. I hope to drive through Houston at minimal traffic.

Soon I will be...... Driving Ms Daisy

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  1. Happy New Year Jay. I am looking forward to traveling with Ms. Daisy in the New Year.Glad to see you are enjoying your new friends and great weather.

    Love Sherry