Monday, December 26, 2011

Port Allan, La to Sweeny TX

Merry Christmas

I didn't have Internet access last night so I couldn't post but I was thinking about it.
Yesterday I traveled 344 miles and it was raining most of the way. I know this is a good day to travel because you wouldn't want to be outside anyway. I had lunch at a closed gas station a bacon hamburger that I had fixed on the grill in Magnolia Springs. Actually I fixed a pound of bacon and 6 hamburgers and put it in the freezer for future use. Most places were closed yesterday and I think all should close on Christmas.
This is the skyline of Houston TX as I entered on I 10 I then took Hwy 59 south to HWY 35 S RV park.
Atchafalaya Basin
     This bridge is 18.2 miles long and is called by the same name. I could just imagine the Alligators out in the swamp.

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  1. We is the sunshine? Have a great time. Just think you are now officially a snowbird. Eat lots of seafood for me.