Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day and Goose Island

      I want to wish a very Happy Valentines and 28th Anniversary to my wife Sherry. Yes we got married on Valentines Day and I have never forgotten the date. However she sometimes thinks she is cheated by only getting one Gift for the day.
       She has allowed me to take this winter vacation in Texas. She is still working and is supporting my traveling. This has been a great adventure but I do miss having her with me and hope she will join traveling with me soon.

Happy Valentines and Anniversary Sherry

I traveled to Goose Island State park yesterday with the hope of arranging camping for a couple of days. This didn't work however as the park is completely full, the office told me it is because of the Holiday weekend. I didn't know Monday would be this kind of a holiday. She let me drive through and look the park over. I wish I had made camping arrangements earlier as this is a beautiful park. Yesterday a new neighbor moved in next to Daisy and set up camp. This camper said she tried to pick up her mail that was being delivered to General Delivery to the Rockport post office but it was available until this morning. She ( her name is Carla) was from Oregon and has been full timing since last year. However she did say she spent last summer at her brothers place. Anyway when I told her I hoped to get a space at Goose Island she recommended site #1 which she says is much covenanted because you can park parallel to the water. On all the other sites parking is perpendicular to the water which only gives you view through the front window. It didn't make any difference though because I couldn't obtain a spot. I plan to move to Port Aransas tomorrow and stay on the beach there. Below are pictures of Goose Island park.
Typical camping spot at Goose Island

Fish Cleaning station ( They have a 1600 ft pier for park guests)

No Fish on the picture board but it looks like it has seen use :)

Wild life along road as I was leaving the park

This Heron stopped me and asked if I would post her picture
on the blog
It finally got warm here today about 76 degrees here along the bay in Rockport. Corpus Christi set a record high temperature of 90 degrees at the Naval Air Station. The previous record was 88 degrees set in 2005. I am just 30 miles north of Corpus Christi and don't need all that heat, but I won't complain.
    Tomorrow is moving day and I won't have internet access so blog posts will be sproatic for a while. Tomorrow I will be Driving Ms Daisy to her new location.


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  1. Thank you Jay for the sweet picture of me.

    Love Sherry