Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rockport Texas Maritime museum

The weather yesterday was better than the day before with sunny skies and warmer temperatures. It was still cold with the high around 51 degrees. The wind was blowing from the north west at 15 cooling miles per hour.
      I spent a couple of hours at the Maritime museum yesterday. They have lots of things to see about boating in the area. They have tools from history used in wooden shipbuilding. There is a model of Frenchman Lasalle last ship. It sunk in a storm in the bay outside of Rockport. They have recovered lots of artifacts from the salvage including a lot of the hull. A video kiosk presented information about the ship and his voyage.  There were replicas of shrimp and oyster boats and several fish mountings and history of fishing reels and baits. Also much information on the Oil rigs and operations in the Gulf. Enjoy the pictures.

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