Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rockport better weather

     Its been very cold and nasty here in Rockport Texas for the past two days. Monday and Tuesday were overcast and damp with yesterdays high about 45 degrees. I have been out some but no bike riding.

See what I mean very overcast and foggy, Just didn't make you feel like going outside.
     I went to Sinton Texas on Monday just to get out and to see what was there. I had been there once before when the neighbors here took me to the Back Street Cafe for supper. This was just after I arrived in the park. I thought I might have missed something to see in Sinton, I was wrong there was no other reason to visit Sinton. There were several wind mill generators along the road as I traveled to Sinton. This one was the closest I have been to one of these monsters. They do make a whishing noise as the pass over head.

  I went to see the Goldwing Express last evening at the community center in the park. They are from Branson Mo. and tour all over the country. They were very entertaining, they play a mix of Country and Gospel songs. The Banjo player almost wore out the instrument with his playing.  Here is Gene introducing  the band. Gene and his wife are the activities directors for the Winter Texans.
The band has four members all family a father and his three sons. I really enjoyed there performance.
    That's all for today the weather has turned sunny and I am heading out for adventure.

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  1. Nice looking oyster poorboy sandwich in previous post.