Saturday, February 8, 2014

Trip to Indianola Texas

Traveled to a place that no longer exists, sort of anyway. Last year I was reading a blog from Miranda who was boondocking along the water. She was staying close to a Port Lavaca Texas and with some deduction I think I found where she was staying. 

     Yesterday was cold about 37 for the high and misting rain most of the day. So this was a good day to travel and investigate different areas. Indianola existed in early Texas history and saw action in the civil war. This town was serverly damaged in a Hurricane in 1875 and was completely destroyed by another in 1886. The area now is mostly park like with areas along the beach to picnic and play. There weren't any people playing along the beach yesterday because of the weather. However I did find three campers boondocking along the beach.

 Campers along the beach

 The Beach by Indianola

 Bar at Indianola

New house next to the bar area with vehicle for Sherry ;)

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