Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lake Charles Louisianna

      I left Lagoons Rv park on February 15 about 10 am as I had to wait until the office opened to pay my electric bill. I then drove to Port Aransas and crossed the channel on the ferry. This is the free ferry that I have now crossed several time but this is the first time Daisy has made the crossing.
        These ferries handle Semi trucks so I didn't have any problem with Daisy riding across the water. I then drove to a Stripes gas station and purchased a parking permit for the beach. The permit is $12.00 and allows parking for three consecutive days along the water. This permit is good for a year and you can camp here every three weeks for three more days. This is not the first time I boondocked (camping without hook ups) but the others have been at Walmarts and Parking areas. This is the longest I have boondocked at any location. The weather was great except for some foggy mornings. The temperature was around 75 every day and sunny after the fog left. Corpus Christi set record hi temperatures with them reaching 91 degrees on Sunday. This is only about 20 miles from my location but I was on the water. The Gulf temperature is 56 degrees and kept the area temperature lower. This didn't stop people from swimming and enjoying the sandy beaches.

      I camped here for three nights including Presidents day and really enjoyed my stay except for not having access to the internet. I am going to have to get a cell tower Mifi connection one of these days.  I drove 400 miles north east yesterday and white knuckled it through Houston again. Traffic was backed up on one of the roads but Lola the liar took me a different  route and we made it to Lake Charles La where I spent the night at a Walmart. Very foggy this morning and I got a late start because of the fog. I am at a McDonalds restaurant to post this blog. 
     I plan to tour the Tabasco manufacturing plant today and will post about it later. 

Until then I will be Driving Ms Daisy

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  1. Love the pictures of the beach!! Hope the warm weather continues for you : )

    Love you!