Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rockport Oysters

The American Legion here has a Oyster sale every Sunday from 2 pm till 6 pm. Oysters on the half shell are $5.00 per dozen and Baked or Fried Oysters are $5.50 per dozen. They certainly sell a bunch of Oysters. Most people are eating them off the shell at the Legion dining area. I saw several piles of three dozen shells in front of  an diner. I ordered two dozen and took them to Daisy where they were prepared as an PO-Boy sandwich. It was too much I took one bite of the bread and decided to just eat the Oysters and veggies. Wish you were here to enjoy the feast.

Yesterday was the craft show at the RV park and there was a lot of participation.

Yesterday afternoon I drove back up to Goose Island and along Lamar Beach road. This is where the Whooping Cranes are nesting. There were several cars parked along the road with very expensive looking camera gear. They had extremely long lens and heavy duty tripods to stabilize their cameras. I don't have any of this so I took one picture with normal settings and them held the camera up next to the binoculars for the second picture. Hope you enjoy.

 In the center of this picture are the two cranes without the binoculars. The one below is with the 8 power magnification. 

More adventures coming tomorrow. 

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  1. When you called and talked about the oysters I was so jealous. I would have had a few on the half shell along with fried. Glad you are getting out and exploring for future trips. The whopping cranes are beautiful.