Monday, August 18, 2014

5 10 2014 Cardinals

5 10 2014 Cardinals

This is a catch up blog for trips that happened toward the last of May.
First I wanted to share the Cardinal bird that has been a resident at our home for the past couple of years. The first year he came and didn’t have a mate but stayed around the house and area all summer. He would look at himself in both the mirrors on the vehicles and also by setting on the back of the bench we have on the front porch. He sang his courting song all summer to our enjoyment. He became pretty friendly and would let us get about 15 feet away before he would take flight.

       This year he returned with a mate and she build her nest in the climbing rose bush just outside the front door. She was under the overhang of the house so she was mostly out of the weather. She had three little fledging’s in her nest when we traveled to Lexington to the fiber fest. We didn’t know if they were able to leave the nest. When we returned from our South Carolina trip the nest was empty and a walnut had been placed in the nest. The male and female Cardinals were around all summer, and this week Sherry saw two smaller Cardinals so she thinks these are the ones from the porch nest. 

 Here is the male feeding the female while she sees to the nest.

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