Saturday, August 30, 2014

8 30 2014 Wabasha National Eagle Center

      I am staying at a resort RV park named Big River Resort in Wabasha Minnesota. This is close to the river but you can't see from here. The park is nice and is a Good Sam park so I get a discount. The park has gravel pads with concrete slab for the picnic table. Nice new bathhouse is located just behind Daisy.  Although the park is pretty full not much is happening outside. My driver side neighbor arrived today and I saw him and some of their friends take their big motorcycles and go for a ride. They left a few hours ago and haven't returned.

     I visited the NATIONAL EAGLE CENTER today and was able to see the program where they feed and eagle. Our interpreter gave and excellent program and told us a lot about eagles. The highest current threats to eagles is from Lead pellets from hunting and fishing, eagles have higher acid content in there stomachs and will dissolve lead pellets overnight then the lead kills them. The next highest threat is from automobiles as an eagle will not fly away when the auto approaches it just fluffs up it feathers and prepares to protect its prey. The do scavenge like crows and vultures.

     There are several beautiful homes here in Wabasha. I especially liked the ones right on the river just south of the bridge.

        This is my last night here I will be traveling north tomorrow and will be updating when I get an internet connection. 
     Until then I will be ........ Driving Ms Daisy.

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