Thursday, August 21, 2014

8 19-20 2014 Coachman Factory

Coachman Factory Middlebury Indiana

         I spent two nights at Coachman Owners Association campground in Middlebury. This is a free campsite for Coachman owners.

 The factory offers tours so you can see how the units are built, but I didn't take one this time. You need to call ahead for the tour as they schedule it just for your group. They ask what type of RV you are interested in seeing and I think this is to encourage you to maybe purchase a new one. I did some sightseeing and went to Bontragers RV Surplus in White Pigeon MI. I didn't really need anything but was interested in what was available. I was able to leave by only spending $10.00 can you believe it. I purchased a lift cylinder and attachment brackets for the storage compartment under the bedroom slide. I scratch my arms on this door every time I get the grill out. I am hoping this will help prevent this condition. I was also able to dine at the Das Essenhouse restaurant, but I restrained myself and just had the senior meal instead of the buffet. My Turkey Manhattan, Salad, Drink and Old Fashioned Cream pie was $13.00, the buffet was $10.95.  I have to wonder at my choices sometimes. I was also able to visit with my aunt Donna and Uncle Pete at their place on the St Joe River in Constantine Michigan. It was great to catch up with them. 

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