Thursday, August 28, 2014

8 26-28 2014 High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park
      Great place to visit, I really liked biking all the roads in the campground and to the museum. The ride back up the hill was very taxing on my old legs. I enjoyed the Marina, beach and to sight see the area.
    Went to Appleton on Wednesday to visit the Walmart and get some needed supplies. The views of Lake Winnebago are great along the highway as you enter from the south. It is easy to see why it is named High Cliff when you look from the campground to the lake.
          It is because of (Karen Pfundtner) that I decided to visit this park. I met her husband Steve on the park road yesterday, and was able to introduce myself. Karen sent a nice email to recognize that I had made contact.

 Welcome Kiosk at check in station
 At the Nature Center
 At the Marina
I have a farmers tan showing

 My foot at the edge

Camp set-up for three day stay :)

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