Saturday, August 30, 2014

8 29 2014 Wabasha MN

        Traveled from High Cliff State park to Wabasha Minnesota. I was going to stay at Castle Rock Lake in central Wisconsin but was not able to make a reservation at the county RV park. So as it was early I decided to travel on to this place. The drive along the Mississippi is about fifty miles after crossing into the state. Several beautiful views were seen, but were hard to capture while driving.

           Yesterday I went to Chilton Twn Wisconsin and was able to get a good internet connection at the local bakery. Yes I did sample some of the wares and also had lunch a couple of  hours later. The Blueberry muffin was great, but the lunch left me with a ill feeling. I think their fried chicken was tooooo greasy for my stomach. Very friendly staff and locals were found. I saw a art sculpture outside and will include a picture.

       Last night the Wabasha Arts Council put on a live band under the bridge. The band was ARCADES from the twin cities.  The put on a great show with a lot of  Fifties and Sixties music. I knew most of the words to these songs, Ha Ha and LOL. Went to Teabones restaurant after the show and had their special of  Lobster and Sirloin steak.

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  1. We met in the elevator at Sioux Fall waterfall park. I Mary grew up in Winona. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Dwayne and i will watch for your next blog.