Thursday, August 21, 2014

8 20-21 2014 Indiana Dunes State park

Indiana Dunes State park
        I have a good campsite #59 in the State park and have enjoyed bike riding around the park. I have ridden 5 miles each day and this in the rolling hills at the state park. I did stay on the paved surfaces. There are several campers here as this is prime vacation time. I guess about three quarters of the campsites are occupied. I think they are divided about evenly between tents and RV’s / trailers.

Every three months I have to hook up a devise to my pacemaker and upload my pacemaker data to the Lutheran Hospital clinic. I tried to do this yesterday without success. I need a phone line to be able to transfer the data. I have a machine that you hook to the phone line and then by placing a receiver over the pacemaker it uploads the data and then calls an 800 number and transfers it to the clinic. This was very difficult to do this time as I am having trouble finding phones that will work. Yesterday I went to the Middlebury Fire Department and explained what I needed, and was given permission to use their phone. However their phone is dedicated to 911 system and wouldn't function. 
       Today I went to the Chesterton Library and was told they only have internet telephones. They suggested I try the Chesterton Fire Department and Police departments, and though they let me try I was not able to transfer the data. I then went to the local hospital, and they have internet based phones and these also would not work. I called the pacemaker clinic and discussed with them that I was having problems. They suggested I try a church and so I went to St Johns United church in Chesterton and after explaining my dilemma I was allowed to try their phone service. Success was had at the church and I was grateful to the secretary who allowed me to do this transfer. 
      I think there is a cell phone adapter available, and I will be investigating this before the next check.

Until next time I will be ......... Driving Ms Daisy

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