Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9-17-2014 Cheyenne Wy.

      I left Yellowstone at 6 amp on Wednesday and traveled to Cheyenne Wy via I-90 to I-29 with a tail wind on I 90. I saw quite a lot of animals as I journeyed, including bison, antelope, mule deer, elk, cows, sheep, horses, and birds. Most wild animals were along the road from Yellowstone to I-90 in Livingston, Montana. The area north of Cheyenne is prairie with lots of grasses but were dried up and not pretty. Cattle and sheep were in evidence with water being pumped to tanks for there use. I didn't take many pictures of this uneventful trip.
       I stayed in a campground in Cheyenne called AB camping, and enjoyed great services with Internet and electric provided. The campground has a BBQ everyday. I enjoyed a pork sandwich with potato salad and baked beans.
      The highlight for this trip was taking the historic trolley downtown and learning of some of Cheyenne history. Cheyenne is a railroad town being formed as part of the continental railroad.  The state capitol building is quite impressive. I learned about early cattle barons and Tom Horn who was hung for shooting a boy. This is a interesting story and I left unsure of his guilt. The guide said two attorneys are pursuing clearing his name even today. Cheyenne holds a 10 day frontier day festival that has an influx of 250,000 people into the city. This is a major rodeo event and is very popular.

Pictures of Cheyenne
 Sunrise on I 90 Montana
 Boot Statues by train depot museum

 Train depot 

 Cheyenne Trolley
 Hats at the Wrangler store

 Wyoming State capitol, Blue ribbon is for mens cancer.
 Esther Morris women's right to vote.
Bronze statue at state capitol

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