Saturday, September 13, 2014

9 -12 2014 Devils Tower

      Arrived at Devils Tower about 2pm and unhooked the HHR from Daisy. I left Daisy setting in a trailer parking area below the Visitors area. I then took the HHR the two miles up the road to the visitors area and took lots of pictures. I spent about an hour looking over several things including the Tower of rock. Upon reading some text at the visitors center I found the tower was made when magma was forced up through sandstone by an underground source. The sandstone eroded over time and left this wondrous structure for all to see.

 I counted 28 groups of Antelopes in the last 100 miles, I also saw several groups of Mule Deer.
View of the Bighorn Mountains.

      I have a golden age pass so entrance to all national parks is free. The campground fee is normally $12.00 but is half price with the old age pass. I spent the night at Devils Tower campground without electrical hookup but Daisy is capable of staying several days without hook-ups. The temperature was 35 degrees this morning with frost over the area. There were several tent campers in the campground and I remembered when Sherry and I stayed in a tent and it got quite cold at night.
       I am currently writing this from a rest stop in Sheridan WY., and have a limited Internet connection so I won't be adding any pictures here. When I get a better Internet connection I will add some pictures. ( Hey I got one)
      I have traveled about 170 miles this morning and this includes several areas of changes in elevation. I saw a low of about 3200 ft to a high of 4800 ft. I am not in the mountains and Daisy is performing quite nicely.

    That all for now until next time I will be ...........Driving Ms Daisy.

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