Thursday, September 11, 2014

9-11-2014 Black Hills SD

        I haven't had Internet service for several days and have been anxious to share all the things I have seen. I arrived at Custer State park on Monday and then took the car and traveled across the Iron Mountain road to see Mount Rushmore. It is hard to believe that this art was created using drilling and dynamite. This is a great memorial for the country and acknowledgement of four great men.

One 4 tunnels on Iron Mountain road. This one has a view of Mt Rushmore monument as you drive through.
 Black Hills

Tuesday I took the Wild life loop road and saw many animals. I kept wondering if I would see any Bison.

He was about three feet from the car. I could have reached out the window and touched some Buffalo.

      I also visited Crazy Horse memorial and was impressed with the art and the size of this statue. The memorial is for all the tribes and is self funded it has a visitors area and gift shop. There is also a school for Indians located here. It is quite a complex and is the life's work of the sculptor and his family.
When finished the statue will have Crazy Horse sitting on his horse. The horses head is 219 feet high. To give an understanding to the size of the memorial the presidents heads on Mt Rushmore are 80 ft high.

There are men working on the arm as you can see in the above picture. The horses head is outlined on the side of the mountain.

       Wednesday I went to Wind Cave National park and toured the entrance area of the cave. This tour was about 1/2 mile long and we decended to about 220 feet. 

    The hole below the Rangers feet is the original entrance to the cave. The visitor would have to be skinny.

 This formation is called Box works.

 These pictures are from the town of Custer SD

Five inches of snow in Custer State park this morning.

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  1. My. Rushmore is amazing! Love the buffalo pictures too :) glad to hear that snow was was beautiful but way too early!! Hope you and Daisy have a great day!! Love you! Shelly