Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sherry's Retirement

Well it is official Sherry has retired on Dec.19th . Her first week home was kind of bad. She was missing the trucker drivers that she has worked with for the last 6 years. She was thrilled to know that several called her from the road because they could not make it back to Geneva before she retired. The shipping office and the lab had a carry-in and many wished her well in retirement. So she has our year planned out for us. Lots of festivals that she has always wanted to attend but just never had enough vacation time.

We left home on the 27th for Rockport Texas. We were glad that gas prices were as low as $1.88, we filled up several times for $1.99. Last year gas prices were $3.50 and more. Sherry said this leaves more money for shrimp from these savings. We slept in Dixon, Tennessee Walmart lot the first night. We saw a sign for the Pearl Museum, and after I Googled a search for this we will stop on our way back. This is the only freshwater pearl farm in North America.

Sherry had never been to the William J. Clinton Presidential Library so we stayed across from it at the downtown Riverside RV Park in North Little Rock, Arkansas. This park is right on the river and the old Rock Island Railroad Bridge that is 110 year old has been converted to a walking trail and is part of the 14 mile Arkansas River Trail.

Sherry on the walking bridge to the Clinton Library.

Colored lights.

View from the walking bridge to the RV park.

This RV park has a beautiful view of the library and the bridge was decorated with green and red lights that changed color alternating. It was amazing. The park has a code and is gated for access onto the bridge and we walked right over to the library. It was a chilly walk and was fun to walk over the river. We were in luck with a CHIHULY display of glass. I have seen some of his work at the Fort Wayne Indiana Art Museum. It is beautiful as you can see.
 All hand blown tube like pieces and this was very tall.

These bowls were amazing colors and there were several colors.

Clinton library is a wonderful and the views are amazing.
Oval Office

Jay and I both loved this bicycle. It says Mr. President.

I know we will stay in this park again because you can walk to downtown. Plus they have several sites right on the river.

We then went back to the RV and unhooked the car and headed to the Old Mill at T.R. Memorial Park in North Little Rock. I will let you know if you have a big RV these street are not good. I had our Class C half way their last year and turned around. Narrow streets and hilly. Built in1933 this replica of an old water-powered grist mill is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was featured in the opening scenes of Gone with the Wind. A beautiful little park and used for weddings and many pictures.

Until then we will be driving Ms. Daisy.


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